Wednesday, June 19, 2013

NPA bandits attack an NGO, 5 civilians killed

ESPERANZA, Agusan del Sur--Enraged by an NGO's refusal to pay extortion money, a heavily armed NPA bandit group attacked a non-government organization office, torching down heavy equipment and raking the edifices with automatic gunfire. 

It was 9:30am on Tuesday (June 18) when the workers of Shennalyne Corporation, an agro-forest business firm located in Bgy Remedios village here, got the shock of their lives when bullets started raining on them.

"We heard big explosions and then bullets whizzed around us, hitting some of our fellow workers and bystanders," said one survivor in a statement. 

"They were like demons and beasts who were out to kill hapless people who couldn't even resist them," said another. 

Five people were killed including a pastor who was shot at point-blank range. 

Jubilating over their 'successful mission', the smiling bandits robbed the victims of some belongings before escaping with their loot. 

Grieving relatives rushed to the scene upon learning that their loved ones fell victims to the latest NPA attack. 

In its five years of existence, the firm has generated jobs and income opportunities among the Higaonon tribesmen who are residing in the village. 

Brigadier General Ricardo Visaya, the Acting Commander of the 4th Infantry Division as condemned the NPA for its senseless attack against non-combatants. 

He said that it is high time that people must stop supporting the NPA bandits in their communities.

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