Saturday, June 29, 2013

My funniest FB photo

In the military, the mood changes depending on the situations we are in. Sometimes the environment is tense, sometimes work is full of fun. 

One day, I accompanied my two friends Honey Sumndad-Usman and Chriswin in presenting the mural design that would be painted on the walls of Camp Aguinaldo.

 Presenting a concept to the 'big boss' is not really fun. Like any other presenters, we were worried of the 'retakes'. The photo above says it all. 

Our hard work paid-off when the CSAFP finally approved the design that we presented. We sighed in relief. Silently, I uttered "Hooooah!".

So, when we were allowed to leave, we were full of smiles. We were back to our usual makulit style. When we exited the second door, we noticed a nice spot for FB photo. Kumbaga, evidence that we were able to visit the place.

 I requested the guard on duty to give way for our photo ops. Yes, photo ops with our kulit FB pose. 

Unknown to us, the CSAFP was also cramming to leave for his next appointment. While our neophyte photographer tried to take his best shot, the door sprung open. 

We were caught off-guard! Look who was behind us!

When I looked behind me, I was shocked. It was the boss! I could not compose the right dialogue. I was able to grab an automatic line: "Sir, pwedeng magpa-FB pic sayo?"

Well, our soft-spoken CSAFP was also surprised to find us blocking his path. 

Unknown to others, he is actually a very accommodating person. 

"Of course, of course! It is my pleasure!" 

And so, we have this clear FB pic with the boss. 

It's more fun in the AFP!