Tuesday, June 18, 2013

NPA bandits have mastered kidnapping in Compostela Valley

MAWAB, Compostela Valley – The NPA bandits in this province have shown that they are perfecting the art of abductions based on the latest tally.

Six soldiers in civilian attire were heading towards a market place to buy provisions when at least twenty heavily-armed bandits posing as soldiers blocked their motorcycles in the hinterland village of Paquibato Proper, Paquibato District, Davao City at around 4:30pm on Monday (June 17).

Sensing the actuations of the bandits, 1st Lieutenant Neven Canitan, the Team Leader, hurriedly jumped into a ravine. 

Canitan escaped unscathed but his five companions were seized by the bandits led by a certain Leoncio Pitao a.k.a. Parago. 

The soldiers were hogtied and brought to an unknown location in the forested areas. 

Among those kidnapped by the bandits are  Cpl Emmanuel Quezon,  Pfc Ronald Gura, Pfc Bernie  Padilla, Pfc Donato Estandia, and Pvt Marteniano B Pasiagas Jr. 

The soldiers were part of a team that was sent to implement peace and development activities in the said village. 

It can be recalled that bandits have also kidnapped the young children of a soldier belonging to the 10th Infantry Division in December 2012.

The bandits have carried out several kidnappings in this province starting in the 1st quarter of 2013, victimizing politicians, businessmen, soldiers and policemen. 

More and more people have openly denounced the acts of banditry perpetrated by the NPA. 

The military authorities have coordinated with the local police in filing a criminal case against the perpetrators of the crime.

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