Friday, August 10, 2012

Armed clashes continue in Maguindanao, 1 soldier dead

DATU HOFFER, Maguindanao- An Army soldier was killed in the fresh fighting with Moro rebels believed to be members of the lawless Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Movement in Sayap village here at 10:30am yesterday (Aug 9).

A platoon of soldiers belonging to the 68th Infantry Battalion led by Lt Col Kit Teofilo was conducting security operations in the area when they were met with heavy volume of fires believed to be from  Kato's men.

Backed by helicopter gunships and artillery fires, the soldiers engaged the rebels in a fierce running gunbattle which lasted until 7:00pm.

The soldiers drove the rebels away from their held positions, taking with them several casualties on their side.

One soldier was killed while 5 others were wounded in the firefight. The casualties were brought to a local hospital for treatment.

Soldiers manning the other detachments around Maguindanao also came under fire by the rebels in the same day (Thursday).

Members of the 45th Infantry Battalion who were conducting resupply operations in Sitio Kyamko, Maitumaig village, Datu Unsay town, were also harrassed at around 6:20am.

The soldiers retaliated supported by Artillery fires, forcing the rebels to flee with their casualties. No one was hurt among the men of the 45th IB.

Soldiers who scoured the enemy positions found heavy bloodstains and enemy belongings, indicating casualties among the attackers.


  1. Mabuhay ang sundalong Pilipino.
    Para sa mga rebelde ha...reserve nu nlng ang mga bala nu pg umataki ang china sa atin d n ang kapwa nu dn n Pilipino ang pgdiskitahan nu mtapang kau s kapwa bka pg mgdeclare ng war ang china babahag dn mga buntot nu...

  2. Tama yun, walang silbi ang patayan at ang mga kababayan natin sibilyan ang laging kawawa dahil sa gyera.

    Di po masarap ang buhay ng 'bakwet' (evacuees) dahil sa putukan. Minsan, sobra pa sa nabahaan ang inabot nila.

    Dahil dyan, lagi tayong mananawagan sa mgacarmadong grupo ng mag nilaynilay at tingnan din ang kapakanan ng mga ordinaryong sibilyan bago magsagawa ng pang aatake.