Sunday, June 02, 2013

Army soldiers clash with NPA bandits in Ifugao, 5 rifles seized

MANILA- Army soldiers belonging to the 54th Infantry Battalion clashed with NPA bandits in Aguinaldo town, Ifugao at around 5:20am today.

 The platoon led by 2nd Lt Barrio was conducting security patrol in the upland village of Butac when they spotted at least 20 heavily-armed bandits led by a certain Artus Talastas, triggering a heavy exchange of fires that lasted several minutes. 

Outgunned by the soldiers, the bandits escaped with heavy casualties but were pursued by the soldiers in a running gun battle.

A bandit member lay dead in the immediate scene of the firefight. The soldiers found five high-powered firearms that the bandits left behind.

The dead bandit was brought by the soldiers to the village center for turn-over to local officials.

No one was harmed among the operating troops. 

In another development, an injured NPA bandit named Jonathan Bustamante was arrested in a checkpoint in Purok 9, Sitio Logdeck, Laak, Compostela Valley at 11:45am on Saturday (June 1). 

Bustamante revealed that he was among those who figured in the firefight with Army troops in Baluarte village a day earlier (May 31). He guided the troops to the location of his AK-47 rifle that he hid in the bushes.

It can be recalled that soldiers belonging to the 60th Infantry Battalion led by Lt Ugaddan and Lt Fernandez clashed with NPA bandits in Laak town on Friday. 

The first clash occurred at 1:40pm in Baluarte village that resulted to the killing of one bandit and the arrest of his wounded comrade. Two highpowered rifles were seized from the said bandits. 

The second clash that day happened at around 4:00pm when the troops under 1st Lt Puhayon encountered at least 20 bandits in Sitio Minsua of Baluarte village.

The soldiers captured another bandit and confiscated his firearms.

 No one was hurt among the soldiers who are now conducting pursuit operations together with the local police.

While confronting the lawless elements, soldiers are required to strictly observe human rights and the rule of law. 

Bandits who raise their arms to surrender during firefights are spared by the soldiers.

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