Friday, April 19, 2013

Army soldiers kill 2 NPA bandits in Camsur clash

IRIGA CITY-- Two New People's Army bandits were shot and killed while engaging a team of soldiers who were securing a village here early afternoon today, a military report said.

Corporal Darius Delos Santos and 8 of his men were conducting security patrol in Antipolo village when they encountered at least 10 heavily armed rebels at around 2:40pm. 

The heavy exchange of fires lasted for about 5 minutes before the bandits fled with their casualties to various directions.

While scouring the encounter site, Delos Santos and his men discovered two dead bandits who were left behind by their comrades. The soldiers confiscated two high-powered firearms from the dead bandits. 

No one was hurt among the soldiers who were deployed to thwart violent attacks by bandits who were trying to extort money from the local residents. 

Another team of soldiers was sent to track down the remnants of the bandit group, following the blood traces they left behind along their escape route.

The 42nd Infantry Battalion, the unit where the soldiers belong, have continuously received reports from concerned civilians about the presence of armed extortionists in their communities. 

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