Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Paquibato Circus Bombing: "I am sorry" is not enough

I saw this video posted by an individual who loathed the communist rebels for their criminal act of lobbing a grenade at a gathering of people in Paquibato District, Davao City on September 1, 2012.
Pressured by the growing number of complaints from innocent people who are victimized by the NPA's violent actions, the Merardo Arce Command admitted that their followers staged the grenade attack which killed one and wounded 40 others including young children.
All they can say is 'I am sorry', a phrase popularized by someone who is accused of being insincere about its very meaning.
Are they going to say 'sorry' for deliberately killing people whom they accused of 'kasalanan sa bayan' and punished in the Kangaroo Court system? Are they sorry for  taking the life of  a civilian named Patrick Wineger whom they murdered in North Cotabao? What about the massacre of the  Lotino family in Daraga Albay? And, the killing of Jason Nierbesa in Camalig, Albay and Gino Olugar in Camarines Sur? The list seems endless.

To show sincerity of their words, they should surrender the perpetrators to the law enforcement agency so that justice will be served. 
Indenmnifying the victims  to compensate for the pain they have caused, is not what the people want. After all, they are taking their finances from the same people whom they have victimized through their extortion activities.
Also, they might want to finally lay down their arms and talk peace. They must  refrain from using the barrel of the gun to collect extortion money from individuals and private companies. Kung magagawa nila yan, magkakaroon na ng kapayapaan.

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