Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Boodle Fight! : One of the cherished traditions in the military

'BOODLE FIGHT' is a traditional  style of eating in the military that is associated with social gatherings and celebrations. The word 'boodle' is a lingo used among PMA cadets, referring to food. Boodle fight, as the term implies, is a free-for-all grab for food that is prepared on top of newspaper or banana leaves. During boodle fights, the RHIP (Rank has its privileges) tradition is suspended. Regardless of rank, soldiers can grab a bite unmindful of the seniors who are around him. The best boodle fight is conducted during night time with 'lights out'. To accommodate soldiers/participants who have food restrictions (e.g. no pork/no meat), a special portion of the food is dedicated for them. In some cases, siling labuyo (called 'landmines') are added to the menu, scattered with the food.

Fast facts:

Usual Menu:  pancit, sardines, tuyo, adobo, ginisang bagoong or alamang mixed with steamed rice

Purpose:       birthday celebrations, social gatherings, unit anniversary

Command:   "Ready in the left? In the right? Commence, boodle fight!"

Do's:            Grapple with senior officers for food; offer thanksgiving prayers before the boodlefight

Don'ts:         Use of spoon and plates (kill joy!); eating with unwashed hands; mix food that are not allowed to some soldiers/participants (religious/health restrictions); leaving the boodlefight area with unconsumed food; use your rank/position to bully others in the boodlefight area; say 'yuck!'

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