Sunday, August 05, 2012

A Scout Ranger Invades the Stock market (Part 2)

In my first article, I promised to share the step by step guide on how to invest in the stock market.

Again, let me emphasize that this is not stock trading. Didn't I say "Stock Investment"?

For those who wanna try earning an extra income, follow these steps.

1.  Don't just join the bandwagon.  Do not try simply because I said it. You must learn  by doing some reasearch. Invest some time in learning the stock market by browsing internet sites that teach basic concepts.
  • You can try downloading this document for starters:  Download the latest PSE Primer.
  • Grab a copy of a very interesting book written by Bro Bo Sanchez. I read it in a single sitting. I learned from it.
Click here to read the book
  • Attend seminars offered by stock brokers

 PSE Academy

COL Financial Training

2. Try your hand in the stock market without losing money.  You can do this by playing on-line games that simulate actual market transactions. If you can play Facebook games like Farmville, then, you don't have any reasons not to try this one. To do this,  join the PSE on-line stock trading simulation game.

3. Find a stock broker preferably those that offer on-line trading.  It is easier to transact via the internet especially if you are holding a full-time job. For us, we chose COL Financial which was endorsed by Bro. Bo Sanchez, our financial mentor. For a step by step guide on how to open a COL account, you may directly go to their website: .    

4. For new investors, we suggest that you become member of Bro Bo's  Truly Rich Club.

  • For a minimum fee,  you will also receive Stock Updates that will inform you what stock to buy, up to what price to buy, at what price to dispose your stock.  Col Financials also has similar service to its investor.  Both Bro Bo and COL Financials only recommend stock to purchase, the actual decision to buy still depends on the investor.
  • You will  receive information that will increase your financial literacy.
  •  You will receive encouragement from Bro Bo to continue setting aside money for your stock investment.   This will become especially useful when stock market prices of your investment goes down.
As I told my colleagues, " I don't want to be rich alone". If Bro Bo's maids and driver were able to do it, we can also do the same.

Happy Investing!

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