Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Two NPA Bandits Die in Bicol Clashes

SCOUT RANGERS identify themselves with the black panther (also referred as Musang), for its ferocity and ability to hunt its prey using stealth.

PILI, Camarines Sur-- Two NPA bandits were killed in two separate clashes in the Bicol region yesterday, Monday.

The first clash erupted in Binawangan village, Capalonga town in Camarines Norte at around 7:50am between the elite Scout Rangers and a small band of bandits.

One bandit lay dead in the 30-minute running gunbattle that ensued. The soldiers confiscated a Caliber 5.56mm M16 Armalite Rifle and two laptop computers from the rebels.

No one was hurt among the Rangers who have launched prompt pursuit operations following the blood traces of the fleeing rebels.

In Masbate province, another clash occurred in Bagacay village, San Jacinto town at around 2:00pm.  

The combined elements of the 9th Infantry Battalion led by Lt Col Jun Pacatan and the local police of the said town were conducting law enforcement operations to arrest extortionists when they were fired upon by the rebels numbering around 30.

The soldiers confiscated from the rebels a Cal 5.56mm M16 Rifle,  a 12-gauge shotgun and components used in assembling improvised landmines after the 10-minute clash.

An unidentified dead bandit was abandoned by his comrades who fled in disarray. The soldiers brought him to the village for identification purposes.

"No one among the residents knew the identity of the slain rebel so we arranged with the local officials for his immediate burial," said Pacatan in a phone call.

Major General Josue Gaverza, the Commander of the 9th Infantry Division based here said that the encounters were the result of the cooperation extended by the civilian populace to the government forces.

"We can only end the insurgency problem through Bayanihan. We are thankful to the people who provided us with accurate information about the presence of rebels who extort money from them,"said Gaverza.

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