Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Quipayo Church (Immaculate Conception Church)

Famously known as one of the oldest churches in Bicolandia, the Immaculate Conception Church (also known as Quipayo Church) was established by Franciscan Missionaries who flocked to Bicol Region in 1578.

The 'Ladrillo' (brick) church is located in the village of Quipayo in Calabanga town, Camarines Sur. To reach this place, you have to take a jeep with Calabanga signboard from a terminal in Naga City. From the town center, you can take a motorcycle towards the site.
The Quipayo Church remains as an independent parish until today, making it one of the oldest parishes of the Archdiocese of Caceres.

The arch bridge of the church remains intact after almost 500 years of existence.

As one of the earliest brick churches which were built by the Spaniards, this church has become an enduring symbol of the Christianization of the Bicol region. By virtue of Presidential Decree Nr 1505 dtd June 11, 1978, this church was declared by the National Historical Institute as a National Historical Landmark.

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