Saturday, March 10, 2012

Philippine Army's Mountain Bike Trail


To those who love to spend their leisure time engaging outdoor sports like Mountain Biking, there is an alternative place for you to. It is open to both military and civilian bikers. You can exercise here from 8am-5pm, everyday.  To get inside the camp, pass through Gate 6, near the St Michael's Chapel. This is located along Bayani Road. You will be required to register at the guard post. Make sure that you bring any identification card. You can park your vehicle at the chapel's parking area.  The guard on duty will guide you to the MTB trail which is near the Army General Hospital. You will be welcomed by this marker near the registration area.

To my front is a small guard post where a Sergeant will require you to log in and pay the maintenance fee of P50.00. Very cheap, right?
 After clearing in at the entrance gate, I am now starting my adventures. Is it really challenging?? I learned my basic bike-handling skills by watching fellow officers who are into this sport. I also learned the hard way and got some memorable experience of getting scratches after crashing in steep and narrow trails. Ohhh, I miss the slippery trails  that wind through the foothills  of the beautiful Mt Isarog in Camarines Sur.

No mountain trail here I guess. This part of the MTB trail is probably for the newbies. My downhill bike is probably useless here.

Why is it getting darker here? There are some big trees too! Hmmmm. This is probably a mini-forest right inside the military camp.

I am now beginning to feel the 'mini-challenge' of maintaining my balance in this narrow trail. One false move, I will roll down the ravine to my left.

The downhill ride starts here. How many guys have 'flown away'  with their bike here? Let's find out.

Thanks to the sunny days, the trail is dry. I can try a faster downward drive to satisfy my quest for adrenaline-rushing thrills.

There are markers showing the names of those who made their 'mark' by tumbling with their bikes. Don't worry, the hospital is just a 100-meter dash away.

The bridge too far. Will it collapse under my weight? You can also try to jump with your bike here.

More names of adventurous friends who dared this trail. I know these markers are just for fun but they surely have served the purpose of reminding bikers to be very careful.

I reached the finish line without any scratches this time. Slowly, but surely. It's fun biking here especially if you're with close friends who will chase you all the way back to the starting line unscathed.


  1. I am a fan of mountain bike trail competition and your post reminds me of my childhood life because we use to bike with my friends when we are kids. I enjoyed your post and your photos as well. That bridge look so dangerous and I am impressed with your blog.

  2. Thanks Zumi!

    I am just doing this for fun and of course, as an alternative exercise.

    When I was in Bicol, we had some organized biking activities with the soldiers and some biking enthusiasts from Cam Sur. We toured around Mt Isarog's forest park and it was a nice experience to see places and doing some exercise as well.

    Thank you for appreciating my blog and for sharing your thoughts here.

    Best regards!

  3. Ranger C,

    Maayong Hapon! Mangape ta!

    Anyway, you bike or pedal for fitness pala.
    Sana makasama ako sa rides nyo, if it permits me to go to Manila with my bike... I think I will.

    Tapos bonus photo with you!

    Best Regards,
    Drey Roque

  4. Hello rangercabunzky Im back :) How are you? Your so welcome sir, beside it was my pleasure to came across and read your post about mountain bike trail. Nakakatuwa naman po na nakakarating kayo ng ibat ibang lugar just to take a tour? or compete? with your bike?wow! great. Anyways, Thank you again. God bless to you and Take care sir :)

  5. Drey,

    You're welcome to try our MTB trail. Sure, we can try one time. :-)


    I am on a trip to enhance my leadership skills. :-)

    For me, it is also an opportunity to meet more people, understand their culture and of course, take nice photos of the places I visit.

    Best regards,

    Ranger C

  6. I am a fun of mountain bike trails Philippines competition, I feel the excitement of every contestant if they could reach the finish line. Glad that I visited your blog.

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