Friday, March 09, 2012

Marksmanship Instructor: The Shooter

Shooters in their 'full combat regalia'. Competent instructors are sometimes tapped to perform teaching jobs at the Army's training institutions. (Photo by Sgt Joey Baniatan)

Before leaving for a conference, Captain Bruno introduced Lt Col. Botyok, his commander who volunteered to teach the soldiers of their unit on pistol marksmanship. 

"Gentlemen, you all know that our instructor for today is a distinguished marksman in his own right. He had won championship trophies for this unit for the past several years," said Bruno.

His commander was grinning from ear to ear. He was nodding in appreciation to the sweet talk delivered by Captain Bruno.

 He was wearing all the shooting accessories as if he is on standby to shoot in an IPSC competition. He had Oakley sunglasses, quick-draw competition holster set and a shot timer tucked on his waist. He also had his Paraordnance pistol with magazines full of ammunition.

As Bruno slipped away through the backdoor, he watched as Lt Col Botyok started demonstrating the quick draw drills while uttering his own version of the shooting fundamentals.

Two hours later, Bruno came back to the classroom. He noticed that there was a commotion among the students. His commander was nowhere to be found. 

"What happened to the Colonel's lecture? How was it?", asked Bruno.

"It was all okay sir. There was presentation on the concepts and more importantly, there was demonstration," said one Sergeant.

"Great! But, why are you all laughing before I came in?", said Bruno.

"Sir, the Colonel accidentally shot our wall!", came the reply, followed by boisterous laughter among the training participants.

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