Sunday, January 15, 2012

Battle Dress Attire (BDA)

The battle dress attire (BDA) is the uniform used by the soldiers for various activities in the field. The airforce flyboys use the same pattern for their ground units. As a Company Commander of a Ranger unit, I designed the blended patches (SOCOM, SR) to replace the colorful patches which violate the basic principles of camouflage and concealment (cam and con). These type of patches are still in use today.

The  Scout Ranger team members wear the BDA during cam and con exercise . Their ability to hide in the bushes undetected is the 'trade secret', making them  reliable reconnaissance elements of the Philippine Army.

The bandoliers that contain the soldier's basic load of ammunitions, comes in OD-green color or 'camoulaged' pattern. The 'lousy hat' is used for field purposes and some units are now using the Kevlar helmets during combat missions.

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