Monday, November 28, 2011

Wrong Carpark

I was sent to Phoenix, Arizona with three other military officers to conduct inspection of a night-fighting equipment sometime in 2007.

One day, we decided to buy something that we can bring home.

After parking our car inside the mall's carpark, we separated ways to buy our favorite items.

I opted to find some gun accessories while the others roamed around to find some interesting stuffs.

After about an hour, my phone rang.

"Our car is stolen!", my buddy said in a trembling voice.

"Whaaaaaaaat? Call the police at once!", I said. I was also worried because we just borrowed the car from a Filipino friend.

In a record time of about 5 minutes, the police cars came with their lights blinking.

After a short conversation, the cops were scratching their heads while leaving the place.

One of the burly cops could not hold his frustration and told my buddy, "Hey man, next time,  be sure to find your car in the correct carpark!"

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  1. Hahaha! This is really funny! I have a friend who stayed in US for a couple of weeks. He decided to do over time in the office. One time, he had to go to the restroom, so he left the door unlocked by putting some crumpled paper to prevent the latch from locking him out - apparently, it's connected to an alarm system. By the time he went out of the restroom, the police already responded to a 911 alarm and was checking the door! The experience was priceless for my friend, but the company had to shelve out 600 bucks for that wrong call!