Saturday, November 19, 2011

Suspected NPA Rebels Detonate a Bomb in Compostela Valley, 5 Soldiers Injured

Suspected members of the CPP-NPA-NDF (CNN) detonated an improvised bomb as a group of soldiers pass by in Compostela Valley Province early morning today (Nov 19).

The soldiers belonging to the 25th Infantry Battalion led by 2LT Aguila were on their way towards a hinterland village of Casoon in Monkayo town for a peace and development mission when an improvised landmine exploded at around 2:30am.

They were walking along a dirt road for a security patrol when they were stunned by the bomb blast, injuring five of them. 

They were immediately evacuated to a military hospital for treatment while another group of soldiers pursue the terrorists who fled to the crime scene.

LtCol Cesar Molina, the Commanding Officer of the battalion said that out of the 5 evacuated soldiers, only 2 suffered shrapnel wounds.

He identified the two wounded soldiers as Pfc Jimmy Bayta Jr and Pfc Michael Digman. The attending military physicians at the Panacan Station Hospital in Davao City have declared them 'in good condition'.

The other three soldiers gained minor scratches when they jumped towards covered positions, hitting hard surfaces during the brief firefight which ensued. 

The attack followed the surrender of 80 communist rebels in the neighboring province of Bukidnon a few days ago.

Communist rebels in the area use bombs to carry out its attacks not only against government forces but also against civilians.

The local people are already fed up by the acts of terrorism perpetrated by the rebels. The use of landmines is prohibited under the Geneva conventions.

All types of military-issued claymore mines were removed from the military arsenal in the late 1990's in compliance to the international laws on armed conflict.

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