Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Ranger's Gorgeous Girlfriend

In early 2000, one of our fellow Scout Ranger was sent on a military schooling in the United States.

When he returned a few months later, he was bragging about his exploits. He had some pictures as solid proofs of his adventures.

My buddy, Gani, was so intrigued about a photo showing our Ranger buddy with a voluptuous lady in white who looked like Marilyn Monroe.

"Well, gentlemen, she became my girlfriend when I was in California," our Ranger buddy bragged.

We couldn't question his claim. He had a 'prima facie' evidence. He was embracing the lady as if they were long-lost lovers.

Hmmmmmm. Our buddy is very lucky.

The gorgeous girlfriend of our Ranger buddy is right here!!!

Meeting the Girlfriend ng Bayan

A few years later, I and Gani were also sent to the US for our military schooling. I studied how to 'snipe' with mortars while he mastered the art of long-range reconnaissance.

When we graduated, Gani happened to drop by Los Angeles to see some close relatives.

He got the chance to visit the Universal Studios.

 He was roaming around the place to enjoy the sights and sounds of Hollywood when he saw a familiar face.

He saw our Ranger buddy's "girlfriend"! He went to investigate. The lady looked very friendly and had a ready smile to everyone.

"Hi, do you want a photo with me? I only charge 5 dollars for a copy of our photo," said the lady.

Finally, he met the paid "Girlfriend" of our buddy!

Everything was history.

When he came back, he 'confronted' our Ranger buddy. I and three others witnessed the funny meeting in 2004.

 "Buddy, I met your 'girlfriend' in Hollywood and she was still wearing the same outfit," Gani grinned as he unearthed another startling discovery.

"Akala mo di ako makarating ng United States of America ha!" (You thought I wouldn't have the chance to be in the United States of America!"

Boisterous laughter filled the air.

           I and my Scout Ranger Buddy inside the premises of the US Ranger School

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