Thursday, November 24, 2011

Lost Like a Ranger

Rangers are known for their excellent map reading and land navigation skills. May it be in the lush forests or mountainous terrain, they will never get lost.

There is a joke among the Rangers that goes this way: "No one has the right to say that he can't find his way back home when pigs and dogs can return to its owners when left behind in distant places".

Unfortunately, a fellow Scout Ranger found himself in a precarious situation. He was lost in the urban jungles of North America.

After the 'All out War' in 2000, he was sent for a schooling in the continental United States. His destination was the US Infantry School located in Columbus, Georgia.

When he arrived at the tiny airport of Columbus, he promptly rang our foster mom, a German-American woman who had been 'adopting' Filipino soldiers in her home.

"Hey Maam, I have just landed. Are you going to fetch me here at the airport?", he said.

"Son, I am right outside waiting for you. You were not inside when I came in", she said.

He was anxious. He went to look for her outside the arrival area. She wasn't there!

"Maam, I couldn't find you. I am already outside. I am wearing a Scout Ranger black panther shirt".

"Son, please look at the signages. Please read the exact location of that airport", she said, the tone of her voice was already worried.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh, sh_____ttttttttt!! Maam, I am in Columbus, Ohio!"

(Speaking in Visayan dialect, he cursed all the people who arranged his travel to the US of A)


  1. lol...for sure i know the musang guy.The old lady is Olga

  2. Ha ha It was not his fault actually.

    It is indeed fun studying at Fort Benning! :-)