Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Militiaman's Pen Shop

Deployed as the defenders of their own communities, the Army’s CAFGU Active Auxiliary (paramilitary forces) personnel play an important role in sustaining the peace in former enemy-infested areas.
One day, Boknoy, a militiaman from a far-flung detachment in Mindanao was accompanied by his officer to buy some provisions in Davao City.
He was ordered by his boss to buy ball point pens for their office. They separated ways in the maze of stores inside Gaisano City.
He entered one of the doors after seeing the large signage: PENSHOPPE

He promptly talked to a pretty lady who stood watch near the entrance.
“Can I buy 10 ball pens?”
“Sir, we don’t sell pens here!”, came the reply.
Scratching his head in frustration, he headed towards the exit door but paused to air his sentiment displaying the killer face he learned in training:
Damuho yang tindahan nyong Penshoppe, walang tindang ball pen!” (Damn that Penshoppe store, it has no pens for sale!)

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