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Battle-scarred Scout Rangers: The story of the next breed of Army warrior-leaders

My souvenir photo with 1st Lt Michael 'Mike' Asistores of the 1st Scout Ranger Company. He was my student in both Rifle and Pistol marksmanship training that I conducted for the members of PMA Class of 2007.

When I visited the battlegrounds of Sulu two weeks ago, I looked for the soldiers whom I worked with in this Abu Sayyaf-infested island exactly fourteen years ago.

As a certified 'Santolan warrior' (garrison duty personnel) nowadays, I missed the company of soldiers who spent time with me in the boondocks of this historic island province, the location of the battle for Bud Daho and Bud Bagsak in the early 1900s.

My photo as a frontline leader that was taken in Hill 509 in the boundary of Patikul and Talipao. Behind us is Mt Munggit. I was facing the direction of Mt Tunggul, Mt Gasam and Mt. Sinumaan. The forested area in this complex is known to be the favorite hiding place of the legendary Radulan Sahiron a.k.a. Commander Putol. 

After scaling Mt Sinumaan in Patikul, I posed for a photo with my mistahs, 1st Lt Eric Sales (left), the former Commanding Officer of the 1st Scout Ranger Company; and, 1st Lt Clifford Cordova, the Commanding Officer of the 19th Scout Ranger Company. Behind us are the low-lying areas of Tanum, Igasan and Taglibi in Patikul town. Eric and Clifford were my buddies when we clashed with Radulan's group in Bgy Baunuh, some 3 kilometers away, northeast from where we stood.

During my recent visit, I was lucky to meet three Musangs (Scout Rangers) whom I had mentored before. 

One of them was 1st Lt Michael 'Mike' Asistores, 30,  the Officer-in-Charge of the 1st Scout Ranger (We Dare) Company. 

The two others, Sgt Quipot and Sgt Cerezo, were my former warriors in the 10th Scout Ranger (We Lead) Company. 

Sgt Castro Kitong, 38, was also a former subordinate but he was not able to come to Bud Datu during my visit at the headquarters of the Joint Task Group Sulu. 

When I mingled with my fellow Scout Rangers during my visit in Sulu, I felt like joining the next combat patrols. My former subordinates, Sgt Cerezo and Sgt Quipot, flanked me in this photo. Also in photo is Medal for Valor awardee, Col. Cirilito 'SJ' Sobejana (2nd from left)

After hearing their personal accounts, I am proud to share the story of Lt. Mike Asistores, a Musang and my marksmanship student,  who followed my footsteps to become a warrior-leader in the First Scout Ranger Regiment. 

Asistores and  Kitong, like many battle-hardened Scout Rangers, are distinguished warriors whose bravery in combat have inspired many soldiers and civilians alike.

Battle-scarred warriors

When he sustained a shrapnel wound in the bloody encounter with more or less 300 Abu Sayyaf bandits in Talipao town early afternoon on November 14, 2014, 1st Lt Mike Asistores of Rizal, Cagayan, became a certified battle survivor. He is bearing several scars including a wound on his face.

It was the third time that he was wounded in his career as an Army leader after graduating from PMA in 2007. He said that he is very lucky to have evaded the claws of death in the past years. 

"By God's grace, he always protected me. Also, our tactical training in the Scout Ranger Training School has equipped us with mission-essential skills and can-do attitude which are needed in the field," he said.  

When his unit was tasked to track the elusive bandits in the hinterlands of Patikul, he knew that he would be facing real-life dangers. Having experienced at least 10 armed encounters, he is no stranger to death-defying actions. 

Meanwhile, Sgt. Castro "Caster" Kitong, was awarded the Wounded Personnel Medal (WPM) when he was first wounded as a Private of the 10th Scout Ranger Company that I commanded from 2000- 2001.

He fought heroically when my unit figured in a 6-hour firefight against more or less 200 Abu Sayyaf bandits in Balatanay, Basilan on October 7, 2001.

I can vividly remember Kitong as the one whom I ordered to crawl an Abu Sayyaf position to grab an M60 Machinegun.

He bravely advanced forward with militiaman Leonardo Orozco while I engaged the bandits in a shootout to provide them covering fires. 

He successfully took away the prized machinegun but he sustained a minor wound on his side and thigh. 

As a personal witness to his exceptional bravery in combat, I did not hesitate to recommend him for the Gold Cross Medal, the third highest combat medal.

I was not surprised that Kitong would emerge as one of the trustworthy NCO-leaders of the 1st Scout Ranger Company in one of the bloodiest firefight that the unit got involved in its unit history.  

I am proud to learn that Caster had become a reliable combat leader. Still believing our original company motto,"Walang iwanan!", was shot in the abdomen while fighting it out with bandits who assaulted their position.

Leader's recon

To gather more information about the enemy and the terrain around Bud (Mount) Bagsak and Bud Tunggul in the boundary of Talipao and Patikul, Lt Asistores directed his Platoon Leader, 2nd Lt Dante "Esprite" Espiritu, to go on reconnaissance patrol. 

"We are aware that the bandits were hiding somewhere in the forest but we could not pinpoint their actual locations. Our tracking skills were put to test again and again," he said. 

Moving stealthily through the dense forest, Lt Espiritu and his men scoured the forest floors, analyzing the ground disturbances. 

About a hundred meters from the unit's rally point, they spotted 20-30 bandits in a makeshift hut near Bud Bunga in the boundary of Talipao and Patikul.  

The recon elements were observing the bandits who are resting in a hut. Espiritu and his men were only about 10-15 meters away from them. 

The designated surveillance elements observed closely behind the shrubs and bushes served as their concealment. 

"When they told me that they had spotted the bandits, my heart was pounding heavily and I felt like warm blood circulated around my body. I know that the time for reckoning is finally reached," he said.

"Unfortunately, a bandit walked towards their hide site. Esprite had to make quick decisions," he added. 

Instead of linking-up with the recon elements to finalize their attack plan, he suddenly heard staccatos of gun fire near the position of Lt Espiritu at around 2:00 pm. 

"Di na maantay ni Sprite na dumugtong ako sa kanya sir kasi maapakan na sila ng kalaban na papunta sa kanilang taguan para magdumi. Nag-command na agad sya na i-engage na ang mga kalaban na iilang metro ang layo sa kanilang harapan," said Asistores. 

The Rangers dominated the fight as they shot all targets in front of them using selective fires, supported by the grazing fires of their light machineguns. 

Unknown to them, all surrounding hills nearby were occupied by at least 300 bandits led by 5 notorious leaders such as Radulan Sahiron a.k.a. Commander Putol, Hairullah Asbang, Jurim Hussein, Hatib Sawadjaan and Juli Ekit. 

Asistores said that Espiritu called for reinforcement minutes into the firefight after incurring at least two casualties.

"I could hear Esprite's voice over the radio amidst the heavy volumes of fire from various directions. They were almost surrounded by the enemy," said Asistores who was only about a hundred meters away. 


Having experienced the 'pintakasi' (attack from all directions) tactics used by the Abu Sayyaf in Basilan, Asistores promptly assembled a platoon to help his heavily engaged men. 

His novice platoon leader (PL) , 2nd Lt Matt Binias, 23, a native of Iloilo, was with him. A graduate of PMA Class of 2014, Binias look up to him as a mentor. 

"I told my subordinates to ready their weapons. I told Matt to stay focused and trust our well-experienced subordinates.We approached cautiously from the west of the engaged troops, our guns locked and loaded." 

While approaching the encounter site about 20 minutes later, Asistores and his men saw the bandits who were attempting to outflank the position of Lt Espiritu. They were unaware that the Rangers led by Asistores were coming from behind.

"The bandits wanted to annihilate the platoon of Esprite by attempting to surround them, so I positioned my platoon about 30-50 meters behind the bandits to join the fight," he said. 

He said that he could not allow the enemy to rout his recon elements. He considered his subordinates as his brothers and friends.

"Nang nakapwesto na kaming mabuti, pinaputukan na agad namin sila. Nabulaga namin sila at marami kaming napatumba sa kanila."

Asistores said that an hour into the firefight, he realized that more and more bandits came to attack his platoon. He noticed that there were plenty of M203 grenade launcher rounds that exploded around them. 

"Bullets rained on us. There were too many of them. I knew it was another attempt to surround my position."

Asistores also said that the bandits met them frontally despite being met with fires. 

"The young-looking bandits were very daring and unmindful of our fires. They kept advancing towards our position despite being hit repeatedly. They were very ferocious and daring," he said. 

Finding himself in the middle of overwhelming enemy fires, Asistores called for more support from his battalion commander, Lt Col Eugene Boquio. One by one, he saw his men bloodied after being hit by the enemy. 

"I yelled at my team leaders amidst the intense exchange of fires. I directed Sgt Tumala to direct some of our personnel to extricate the wounded."

Seeing the dead and wounded soldiers around him, Asistores pressed the fight by rallying the remaining soldiers to hold their line to provide support as the casualties are being evacuated. 

After about 2 hours of dodging bullets, he was hit near his arm pit. He felt that something pierced through his flesh but he maintained his composure to inspire his men. He kept shooting at the bandits who tried to come near him.

"One of my team leaders, Sgt Kitong, came to my side and helped me control our remaining troops. He was very concerned when he saw that I was already bloodied," said Asistores. 

Asistores also said that he was lucky to have brave NCO (non commissioned officer) leaders in his company. 

"I credit my NCOs for keeping the integrity of my unit. Aside from Sgt Kitong, my platoon sergeant, SSgt Tumala, was among those who exhibited conspicuous courage by running from one team's position to another to provide leadership amidst the volley of fires," he said. 

Asistores said that 2nd Lt Binias performed very well during  his baptism of fire. 

"He ably led a handful of men to suppress the advancing bandits as I supervised the extrication of our casualties towards the rear. He fought courageously and he successfully prevented the enemy from surrounding our position," he said. 

When I talked to Kitong, he was in high spirits despite having difficulty sharing his experience. He said that he lost three of his team members in the fiercest battle that he experienced in his life.

"I am saddened by the deaths of my dear teammates. I did my best to save them all but God has plans for them," said Kitong, a proud son of Ifugao.  

Drug-crazed juramentados

Meanwhile, Asistores said that the Abu Sayyaf 'borrowed' their courage from the marijuana leaves that they smoked before the firefight. 

His men recovered the left-over of smoked marijuana leaves in the encounter site. 

"That solved the puzzle about their bravery in combat. They were high on drugs. They were drug-crazed fighters," he said. 

Perhaps a coincidence, the encounter took place a few hundred meters away from Bud Bagsak where the historic battle between the American forces led by Gen John 'Blackjack' Pershing and the Tausug warriors took place over a century ago.

Known as the juramentados, the marauding Tausug warriors led the Americans to invent the much powerful Cal. 45 pistol, in order to stop the bolo-wielding Moro fighters.

Based on the recent accounts about drug use, the Abu Sayyaf bandits certainly could not copy the bravery of their ancestors.


Asistores said that he considers all five men who paid the ultimate sacrifice as his personal heroes. 

"They have shown us that the true spirit of the Scout Rangers. Walang iwanan. They died fighting for the country with their combat boots on," said Asistores, who was first wounded in an encounter with NPA bandits in Lingig, Surigao del Sur in 2008. 

He also said that he and his men who are now recuperating in the military hospital in Zamboanga, are all willing to come back to Sulu and rejoin their beloved unit. 

"I will gladly go back and be with my men in the frontlines. We must crush the Abu Sayyaf and end its kidnapping business," he said. 

Major encounter

Col Alan Arrojado, the commander of the Joint Task Group Sulu is confident that the AFP can gradually decimate the Abu Sayyaf ranks. 

He also said that the Abu Sayyaf has nowhere to hide if the civilians will cooperate with the military in identifying them and pinpointing their jungle hideouts. 

He said that among those who died were notorious leaders Hairullah Asbang, the brother-in-law of Radulan Sahiron and Juli Ekit. 

Arrojado said that his unit has accounted 10 dead bandits and 15 wounded.

Arrojado also said that all of the injured soldiers have been evacuated to the hospital as of 10:00pm last night (Nov 14). He declined to name the casualties until the nearest kin are notified by the First Scout Ranger Regiment. 

He said that more troops were poured in the peripheries of the encounter area to block the Abu Sayyaf's escape routes.

More support

AFP Chief General Gregorio Pio Catapang Jr. has expressed his condolences to the family members of the 5 fallen heroes.

"Please allow me to express my heartfelt condolences to those who lost their loved ones while fighting for the country. I thank them for their selfless service," said Catapang. 

Catapang promptly ordered his senior staff officers to send medical teams, mission-essential equipment and additional supplies for the troops. A C-130 was put on standby to bring them to Sulu today (Nov 15.)

He also said that he wanted to recognize the bravery of the Scout Rangers during his visit next week.

"I want to personally pin the Gold Cross Medals to all deserving warrior-leaders who displayed conspicuous courage in this particular firefight. Their bravery must be emulated by all soldiers."


  1. A Snappy salute to these fallen soldiers and to those still out there. May be God be with you! I still remember my father wearing his black uniform, heard several ruthless stories of his time. Sad, that I never became an Army Ranger. Mabuhay kyo sir!

  2. im proud of you, guys! keep it up!

    1. you got 2 dead ASG leaders too. Ganyan dapat! :)

  3. R.I.P. sa mga casualties. God bless and protect you always in every battle soldiers. @ To sgt. Kitong im proud of you "Haggiyo"

  4. Salute to the bravery of 1Lt. Asistores, Lt. Espiritu, Lt. Binias, Sgt. Kitong and the rest of the NCOs in their command during this battle against the ASG. I wish and pray for the speedy recovery of the wounded and pray for the eternal repose of the 9 soldiers who weren't able to make it through. We appreciate your heroism and ultimate sacrifice in securing our land.... Thank you, Lt. Col. Cabunoc for sharing the details of their acts of valor. Mabuhay po ang AFP.

  5. spotted 20-30 bandits at 10-15 meters distance?then only 10 estimated dead ASG overall?how about those bandits hit by 1st Lt Asistores' group?are they bullet proof or puro daplis lamang?..there must be something wrong on the story or on the marksmanship of the soldiers?!10 bandits to 5 soldiers is not a good score at all considering the "accounts" of the soldiers that they had the upper hand in the element of surprise on 2 occasions.

    1. They spotted not less than 30 dead bandits who fell during the firefight. The 10 dead Abu Sayyaf that we reported is based on the list which is validated and those that are confirmed by relatives or local officials.

      The Rangers are trained to hit man-sized targets out to 300m (static or moving targets).

      Kailangan naming sumunod sa protocol ng reporting ng casualties at bawal i-bloat ang bilang kahit pa man ay mas marami ang patay ayon sa personal accounts ng mga sundalo na mismong nakasaksi sa bakbakang nangyari.

    2. Sir Cabunzky, para mabawasan casualty ng mga sundalo natin, puede bang mabigyan ng AFP ng bulletproof vest & kevlar helmet yung nasa front lines kagaya ng SWAT?

    3. to Anonymous.

      Meron silang vest at helmet, pero discretion na nila kung gagamitin. Maaring long range recon patrol to na tumatagal ng ilang araw at linggo. Sa tagal na yan, ang helmet at vest ay unti-unting bumibigat kada araw at nakaka-restrict ng freedom of movement bukod sa napapa-dali nito ang dehydration ng isang sundalo na maari lang maiwasan kung mabaon ng dagdag pang tubig, kung saan dagdag naman sa dadalhin sa rucksack.
      Ayon nga sa sinulat na dati ni LTC Cabunoc dati habang kasama ang mga Amerikano sa Balikatan;
      "Eh mahirap din pala ang high-tech soldiers. Sa 3 days na mission, 20liters ang baong mineral water. Kaming Rangers ay yong nakalagay sa water canteen lang, ayos na.

      Paano naman kasi, umaabot ng 60-80lbs ang kanilang bigat ng kanilang over-sized ALICE pack (combat pack) dahil sa dami ng dalang gamit. Meron silang malaking radio, individual handheld radio, tig-isang NVGs, extra shirts for 3 days, socks, undies at sangkatutak na MREs.

      Sa bigat ng dala, makikita mo ang mga ugat sa mukha kapag naglalakad sa matatarik na bangin, samantalang 'easy-easy' ang mga bugoy na Scout Rangers. Kapag mag-short halt kami, napipilitan silang umupo instead na mag 'take a knee', sa sobrang pagod. At, kapag tatayo, kailangan hilain o tulungang buhatin ang pack."

      Ayon nga sa mga sundalo sa buong mundo; "Grunt math. Ruck minus ten pounds is equal to happy grunt." Siyempre ang force protection ay force protection walang kokontra diyan. Pero diyan pumapasok ang tinatawag na compromise.

      Mabalik tayo sa original post, etong kwento na nag-marijuana ang mga kalaban ay nakapagpa-alala sa akin nung panahon ng Task Force Ranger ng US sa Somalia nung 1993(yung pinasikat ng libro at pelikulang Black Hawk Down). Yung mga Somali Militia ay may nginunguya na droga na kung tawagin ay "khat", eto ay tanim na legal ang pagpa-tubo sa Africa at may epekto ng isang ampethamine(malalapit ang epekto ng methampethamine or shabu pero hinde ganun kasama.) Ito ay isang stimulant na sinisimulan nguyain pag-umaga at magpe-peak tuwing tanghali at hapon at "magcra-crash" naman ang user pag gabi. Kitang-kita ang epekto ng khat nung lumusob ang mga tauhan ng TFR nung October 3, 1993 dakong 3:45pm kung saan, damang-dama pa ang epekto ng droga sa mga Somali. Meron ngang linya sa libro kung saan isang miyembro ng Delta Force ay kinailangan magpa-putok ng maraming beses sa isang kalaban dahil bukod sa tumatagos yung bala(armor-piercing daw kamo, pero since walang armor eh tuloy-tuloy pa yung labas nung bala) ay naka-droga rin yung kalaban at dahil dito at pati na rin ang dagdag na adrenaline eh walang nararamdaman na tama ng bala yung miyembro ng militia. Long story, short, ang timing nung mission ay talagang disastrous dahil napad-pad sila sa pinaka-delikadong lugar sa pinaka-delikadong oras.

      Isa pang kwento ng substance-influenced bravery, ay ang mga "Banzai" charges ng mga Hapon nung World War 2. Ayon sa mga kwento, ang mga sundalo at marines ng Allied forces ay nagkakaroon ng warning na may namumuong Banzai charge dahil naririning nila ang lasing na boses ng mga kalaban. Eto ay palakas ng palakas hanggang maging hudyat ng isang massed assault. Ano ang nainom? Ang Sake or rice wine ng mga Hapon. Tandaan ninyo na ang Banzai assault ay madalas isang "last resort' option" ng isang lider ng Hapon. Nasa kultura na din nila ang death over surrender pero hinde rin nakaka-gulat na kahit sila ay kailangan pa rin ng konting "pangpa-tapang" sa pagharap sa huling utos.

      Saludo sainyo Scout Rangers! Warriors all!

    4. ay wow!! gusto kaagad agad patay lahat ang kalaban? ganon kadali ang giyera!! anong akala mo sa sundalo natin, may dalang atomic bomb..para isang pindot lang patay lahat ang kalaban..ikaw na ang magaling!! bigyan ng kalderong helmet yan..

  6. kung maka-critico naman kala m kung ganun kadali mapatumba ang kalaban. Nasubukan mo na makasama sa engkwentro? Try mo muna bago mag bigay ng analysis. Ano gusto mo parang Rambo tumba lahat?

  7. Unspeakable courage. Walang iwanan. I bleed for the families of the five fallen heroes. I pray the government will give their families, and most especially the children their full support for their education. They lost a father and a breadwinner.

    1. tama dapat free education yung mga anak na naiwan dahil sa kagitingan ng kanilang mga magulang at ipagtanggol ang bayan

    2. full scholarship until college

  8. i salute all the brave soldiers out there but i honestly feel na di na maganda itong nangyayari.napakatagal na ng problemang ito sa abu sayaff.kung hindi pa nagkaroon ng balitang 250 Million pesos ransom hindi magdedesisyon ang itaas na i all out war sila. the more na pinatatagal ang existence ng abu sayaff the more na matitrain sila to counter all military tactics and offensives at mas marami pang magbubuwis ng buhay sa mga susunod na henerasyon. @rangercabunzky, i would love to hear it if you bloat the number of enemy casualties based on your men's accounts than be disappointed on the pains me to know that a soldier/soldiers die because my heart always belong to those who sacrifice para makapamuhay tayong lahat ng mapayapa. end them now.

  9. Salute to all brave soldiers out in the jungles risking their lives for the country. My heart goes to all the fallen heroes who usually do not get the acknowledgement they deserve. Salute too to the strong parents sending their brave sons out there.

    I am proud too, knowing that amongst the brave Rangers is a son of Ifugao! Matago-tago ka Mr. Kitong!

    Lastly, may the Good Lord be always with you as you fight the battles for all the Filipinos!��

  10. Pabayaan na ninyo ang mga "armchair generals" na hayop maka-komento at kasiyahan na nila ang pulaan ang mga sundalong nagbubuwis ng buhay para malaya silang maka-komento. Malamang pag sila ang isinabak sa giyera eh maihi sa salawal ang mga yan.

    1. dapat tanggalin na yung mga generals na wlang mga silbi di katulad ng US still kicking and fighting sumasama minsan sa labanan to see the actual site condition. di saka lang pumunta parang magbigay ng award nakakahiya,

  11. that mission was plain stupidity...lack of planing and proper execution, dapat mareleave ang CO ng coy na yan, it was a suicide mission, kawawa lang mga casualties na sumunod sa mga order ng mga opisyal na obvious na hindi na plano ng maigi, they want to surpass the achievements of 1SRBN last year but they cannot,hail to the fallen troops but BOO to the stupid officers! information says that kung gano daw kadami mga armas na nakuha ng 1SRBN last year sa zamboanga siege ganon din daw kadami ang nakuha ng kalaban jan sa failed mission na yan, wow! clap clap to that! also, LT. asistores should not go into field anymore kc sabi nila malas daw yan sa operation, lagi nawawalop ang tropa pag sya ang may dala kaya nga ba 3x na syang wounded, and let me guess, hindi marereleave CO ng COY na yan coz he is a PMAER tama ba?correct me if im wrong...

    1. tama yan, 'wag na payagan si Lt. Asistores pumunta sa field. kumuha nalang tayo ng baguhan na kaka-graduate palang sa OCS.


    2. to the comment above, parang u r insinuating that graduates of OCS dont have the capability to lead and they are idiots???

    3. ^Sarcasm. With "idiot" referring to the original Anonymous. The main point of contention is that Lt. Asistores should be relieved and removed from the SRR along with valuable military experience and be replaced with a fresh OCS or even a PMA graduate instead. Try reading between the lines.

    4. Lt. Asistores is not the company commander right, so it's a wrong contention too that the original post refers to him as the one that should be relieved from post, the company involved here is a ranger company so the presumption is that before being assigned to a ranger coy, an officer who occupies a PL, an EX-O or CO must be an organic ranger officer, a fresh OCS or PMA graduate for that matter will not be assigned to a ranger company if not ranger-trained right? and mentioning OCS in particular is very discriminatory. you should bear in mind that regardless of mode of commission, PMA man or OCS or OPC, you have the same mandate, it doesnt mean that if you are a PMA graduate you are already above any other officer hu were commissioned not from PMA, also, you should not think that you are above any other officer who are non-aers, you should humble yourselves the more coz it was the people's money that brought you to ur positions, you owe allegiance the more to the people instead of boasting and thinking dat you are superior.

    5. Sir, baka gusto mo ikaw na lang ang CO, tapos yong ibang nag-reply dito sila ang magiging tauhan niyo don sa patikul jolo sulu..pwede din ako maging radio man mo Sir, believe ako sayo, wala pa sa giyera ang dami ng alam..magamit natin yon salita pa lang mandirgma na eh..

  12. my heart goes with the 5 fallen brave soldiers! we are so proud of you.

  13. 2lt Binias a Scout Ranger? Pma grad of 2014 kasali sa musang operation pwede pala. Anyway bakbakin nyo go MUSANGS

  14. Mga Sirs. The young looking bandit were very daring and unmindful of our fires. They kept advancing toasted our position despite being hit repeatedly. They were ferocious and daring. 1lt Asistores said. Ganito rin ang sabi ni Col. Buan tinataman pero hindi tumutumba. Dapat yata palitan ang 5.56mm to 7.62mm rounds para tumba agad ang Abu at Hindi na mag return fire. Comment ku lng. T.Y. SA lahat ng sundalo

  15. denskiebengskie1/10/2015 05:20:00 PM

    I SALUTE YOU ALL SOLDIERS!!.. EHEM, sa mga critico, baligtarin natin ang situation, bat hindi kayo na lang pumunta sa giyera eh mas marami pa pala kayong alam na mga tactics daig niyo pa si Major Cabungzkie, tapos kami naman ang mag comment sa ginawa niyo, o di ba at ng malaman niyo kung ano ang pakiramdam ng nasa giyera,.tsssk ang tapang sa salita wala naman sa gawa..eirrrwww!!..puros kayo request que palitan ang gamit, bat nde na lang kayo mag donate ng armas sa AFP at ng sa ganon masakatuparan ang mga request niyong armas..

  16. i salute to all fallen panther pray for soul and thank you for serving our country to the point that you also served your life in order to make us safe.