Monday, June 03, 2013

The Army has the upper hand against the NPA in Compostela Valley

MONKAYO, Compostela Valley--Through the help of civilian informants, the Army is having the upper hand in its fight against NPA bandits here as indicated by the series of successful combat operations.

Responding to a 'hot info' provided by a resident in Tubo village of this town, Army soldiers conducted   security patrol to check the presence of NPA bandits who were extorting money from local villagers. 

A clash broke out at 5:20am today when the bandits started firing their guns upon seeing the soldiers. 

The soldiers engaged the bandits in a running gun battle that lasted at least 10 minutes, inflicting casualties on their side. 

The bandits fled to various directions carrying wounded comrades with them. 

The soldiers found a dead bandit and an M16 Rifle near the vicinity of the encounter site.

No one was harmed among the soldiers who belong to the 25th Infantry Battalion.

They have brought the dead bandit to the village to be turned over to local officials and be given decent burial.

It can be recalled that 4 high-powered firearms and 3 bandits were arrested in the series of clashes in this town starting on Saturday (June 1).

More and more people are fed up by the oppressive extortion activities carried out by NPA bandits in the far-flung communities of this town. 

Outgunned and losing the support from its mass bases, the NPA has resorted to abductions, robbery, murder and arson in order to make their presence felt in the area. 

The local authorities have filed a string of criminal cases against known bandit leaders including the violation to Republic Act 9851 that punishes transgressions to the International Humanitarian Law. 

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