Sunday, May 05, 2013

Special Forces troops capture armed bandits in Quezon

PAGBILAO, Quezon-- Three members of the NPA bandit group were collared by members of the Special Forces in a hideout here early afternoon today (May 5), a military report said.

Responding to a tip-off from a civilian resident, soldiers belonging to the 1st Special Forces Battalion surprised the bandits who were resting in an abandoned house in Ilayang Palsabangon village at around 2:30pm today.

"The bandits were caught off-guard and were not able to resist upon seeing that they were completely surrounded," said one member of the patrol.

The soldiers confiscated 6 high-powered firearms and hundreds of live ammunitions from the said bandits.

"We will turn over these bandits to the police for the filing of criminal cases. The people in this locality are glad that these extortionists are finally brought to justice," added one soldier who was part of the patrol. 

In a separate incident, a civilian was killed while another was wounded in a shooting incident in Infanta town. 

One of the victims was said to be the municipal treasurer of General Nakar town. The motive of the crime is still being investigated.

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