Thursday, March 07, 2013

Army soldiers seize highpowered rifle in Isabela gunfight

SAN MARIANO, Isabela-- Army soldiers seize an M16 Rifle after a 30-minute gunbattle with NPA bandits in the hinterland village of Cangalan here at around 6:30am today.

A 35-man platoon of soldiers led by 2nd Lieutenant Ranola was conducting security patrol in the area when they were fired upon by least 9 heavily armed gunmen who extorted money from the villagers.

The troops responded with selective gunfire, hurting the bandits who gradually scampered to various directions carrying their casualties.

No one was hurt among the soldiers who had continuously pursued the bandits, following the blood traces along the escaped route.

A small number of bandits are still roaming around the hinterland villages here.

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