Friday, February 08, 2013

La Castellana Massacre Suspect bailed out by KARAPATAN

BACOLOD CITY--The notorious bandit who is among the suspects who perpetrated the killing of 9 people in the infamous 'La Castellana Massacre', was bailed out by human rights group KARAPATAN.

Romeo Nanta a.k.a.  Juanito Magbanua, was one of the suspects who were arrested for a robbery in band case filed against him by concerned residents.
He was also one of the suspects who planned the treacherous attack on a civilian vehicle that transported civilian residents who attended a merry-making in the La Castellana town on January 29, 2013.
He was also tagged as the leader of the bandits who carried out the massacre of 3 civilians including a 14 year old student in Toboso town here in July 2009.
A certain Fred Cana of KARAPATAN posted bail in the amount of P100,000.00 for the release of Nanta.
More NPA bandits freed

Using the legal processes,  Cana also bailed out 3 NPA suspects who were jailed for various criminal offenses in 2012.
The freed suspects are Faith Roseen Basirgo alyas Bea/Hannah and Hernando Llorente a.k.a. Otoy/Adoy.
Both NPA bandits were arrested on April 18, 2011 in San Carlos City for robbery in band.
Three days after their arrest, they were freed after Cana posted Php 80,000 bail for their release, allowing them to go into hiding to carry out more atrocities against the people. 
Records show that since 2006, KARAPATAN-Negros has bailed out NPA in the total amount of Php 2.4 Million.
After their securing their temporary freedom, the suspects returned to their secret hideouts to commit more atrocities against the people.

Local military leaders in the area have called on KARAPATAN to serve the interest of the people and not the notorious NPA bandits' concerns alone.
The rising number of notorious criminals being freed by KARAPATAN has caught the attention of local authorities and the victims of their criminal offenses.

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