Friday, January 18, 2013

NPA bandits abduct off-duty soldier and a policeman in Compostela Valley

LAAK, Compostela Valley Province- An off-duty soldier and a policeman were abducted by heavily armed NPA bandits posing as Army soldiers in the hinterland village of Compostela Valley Province on Thursday morning (Jan 17).
Private First Class Jezreel Culango of the 60th Infantry Battalion, was collared by at least 30 bandits in Sitio Mangob, Imelda village, Laak town at around 9:00 am.
Wearing camouflaged uniforms, the bandits established a checkpoint and held Culango at gunpoint.
A policeman named P01 Ruel Pasion who also passed by during the incident, was also collared by the same group of bandits.
The bandits fled towards Tugpahan village with the victims in tow.
A team of soldiers and policemen were sent to pursue the bandits as a Crisis Management Committee was formed by the local government to address the said problem.
The NPA bandits have resumed their attacks against members of the security forces after the end of the holiday season ceasefire on January 15.

After being decimated due to the series of combat losses against the Army, coupled by the loss of support from the masses, the communist armed group has resorted to terror attacks against unarmed soldiers and even their family members.
In December 2012, NPA bandits abducted three family members of a soldier in Kapalong, Davao del Norte.
In the same year, bandits also lobbed a grenade at a community merry-making in Paquibato District, Davao City, wounding scores of innocent children.
Government authorities have condemned the senseless attacks against non-military targets citing that these are punishable as criminal offenses under Republic Act 9851.


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