Monday, December 03, 2012

Roadside bomb kills a Scout Ranger in Basilan


UNGKAYA PUKAN, Basilan--Unidentified lawless elements detonate a roadside bomb as soldiers on security patrol passed by at around 7:50am, killing one and wounding another.

A military report from the 4rth Scout Ranger Battalion said that SSgt Albert Galvez was leading a team of soldiers to secure the road along Cabangalan village when they were met by a bomb blast.
Two soldiers were injured by bomb shrapnels but one died while being transported to a local hospital here. The other wounded soldier was already declared out of danger by attending physicans. 

Lt Col Armand Arevalo, the Commanding Officer of the 4th Scout Ranger Battalion has conducted investigation in coordination with the local PNP.

The identities of the victims are withheld pending the notification of immediate kin.

Aside from conducting pursuit operations against lawless elements, soldiers here are deployed to secure the Basilan Circumferential Road (BCR).

A small band of lawless armed group are hunted down by Army soldiers  for the series of atrocities against civilians in Sumisip town.



  1. > Our deepest condolences to the Family of SSgt> Albert Galvez, he is a man of action and can lead a suuccessful mission throughout his carrer as a gallant Army Scout Ranger...he will be remebered by bros and Mistahs whom he teamed with valor. we handsalute an hero.....HoooAhh bro.....

  2. Sorry, SSgt Galvez did not die. It is not mentioned that he perished in the firefight.

    He was the one who led the patrol and responsible for the medical evacuation of the casualties. :-)

  3. Sir may recruitment po ba kayo for Cvilian Employee? I really wanted to join the Army team.