Sunday, December 09, 2012

NPA bandit slain in a clash before Pacman fight

MILAGROS, Masbate-- As millions of Filipinos enthusiastically awaited for the mega-bucks Pacman fight, Army soldiers clashed with NPA bandits in Esperanza town early morning today.
A platoon of the Charlie Company, 9th Infantry Battalion led by 2nd Lieutenant Bahnarin Camsa was conducting a security patrol in the outskirts of the village when they encountered  more or less 8 bandits in Dumorog village of the said town at around 7:00am.
The bandits scampered away to different directions after 10 minutes of heavy exchange of fires against the soldiers.
The soldiers found an unidentified dead rebel left behind by his fleeing comrades. The soldiers have brought the slain bandit to the nearby village for proper identification.
The soldiers also confiscated an M16 Rifle, 1 Cal. 38 revolver and 5 improvised anti-personnel mines from the bandits.
No one was hurt among the soldiers who figured in the said clash.
A small group of NPA bandits are making their presence felt in the hinterland villages to extort money from the local residents.
Through the military's cellphone hotlines, the bandits' activities are easily tipped-off to government authorities, resulting to occasional clashes.

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