Saturday, December 01, 2012

2 NPA bandits are killed in Catanduanes clash


VIRAC, Catanduanes--- Two NPA bandits including an amazon (female rebel) lay dead after a clash with Army soldiers here at around 1:45pm today (December 1).
A 9-man squad of the 91st Division Reconnaissance Company led by 1st Lt Evar Louie Magamay was conducting security patrol when they encountered at least 15 heavily armed bandits in Calatagan village of this capital town.
"We spotted the bandits carrying their firearms. We engaged them in a firefight when they raised their weapons to shoot us," said Magamay.
The rest of the rebels fled with their casualties after about 30 minutes of exchanging fires with the soldiers.

The soldiers who scoured the scene of the firefight found the lifeless bodies of the bandits as well as several personal belongings.
The soldiers seized 4 highpowered firearms from the bandits including an M653 Assault Rifle, two M16 Assault Rifle and an M14 Assault Rifle.
Magamay said that they have identified the dead woman as Lizel Isorilla a.k.a. Ka Shen based on the documents recovered from her. 
"We are now carrying the dead bandits towards Virac town so that they can be claimed by their relatives and be given decent burial," said Magamay through phone call.
A small group of bandits still roam in the hinterlands of  Catanduanes island.
These bandits are responsible for the attacks against government forces and development projects implemented by the government in the province.
In  2009, a group of NPA bandits attempted to burn the heavy equipment used in constructing the Solong Hydroelectric Plant in San Miguel town but they were repulsed by the a small group of courageous militiamen.

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