Sunday, September 23, 2012

Goodbye, Master Sergeant Eleno Leopoldo!

I was preparing my gears for the final day of the Games of the Generals early morning yesterday (Sep 22) when my phone rang.
I was excited seeing the familiar name of my caller: Master Sergeant Eleno Leopoldo.
I pressed the accept button. "Hello, good morning Master!"
"Good morning sir," said the voice of a woman, in her calm but melancholic voice as if she was holding back her tears. 
I could not ascertain who she was so I asked: "Who is this please?"

"Sir, this is Mrs. Leopoldo. My husband has died on September 7 due to snake bite!"
"Whaaaaat?",  was all I managed to say after hearing the bad news for the day.
I was shocked by her revelation. It was only in July this year  that I shaked hands with the hero soldier who battled with criminals in his town.
Collaborating with shooting buddies, we had him rewarded by ARMSCOR with a brand new pistol, for defending his neighbors against armed robbers using a single-shot Cal 22 Rifle early this year.
"He was cleaning our rice field when he stepped on a venomous Cobra. He was bitten by the snake but he managed to get home and asked to be brought to the hospital," she said.
"The only problem was that there was no anti-venom in the community hospital, prompting the doctors to send Leopoldo to a bigger hospital in Tandag City," she narrated. 
Mrs Leopoldo said that her husband died while being transported to a bigger hospital, hours away from their hometown in Cortes, Agusan del Sur.
I became more sad learning that health facilities located in small towns do not have the capability to treat snake bites. There could be more victims in this town in the near future, and there should be a solution to this problem.
She also said that her husband mentioned my name before his death.
"Sir, he remembered you and the reward that was given to him just hours before he died," she said.
Hearing that, I was at a loss for answers. It was like I lost my own brother and best friend.
I admired the man for his humility and especially for his courage under fire. Every soldier must really emulate his good deeds.
I was honored to have met him and I am also proud to have let him know that many people saluted him for his heroism when he was still alive.
And now, Master Sergeant Eleno Leopoldo, 50, is gone. The 'taps' has been sounded for the soldier who made the difference in the lives of others.
Our Supreme Commander, the only One God, has taken back his life just a few months before his retirement date in December 2012.
He left  behind 6 children and a loving wife. 
He will never be forgotten.
Master Leopoldo, may you rest in peace!


  1. hi po, sinusubaybayan ko po ang blogs nyo may tanong lang po ako...paano po ba maglagay ng facebook comment widget sa blog page? nahirapan po ako eh... thanks po sa help...

  2. Hi Boots Guy,

    Actually, nasa internet din naka-publish lahat ang procedures.

    Honestly, ang magaling kong taga IT na sundalo na lumilingon sa pangalan na Junjun Segura (see him on FB), ang gumawa ng FB widget ko kasi masalimuot itong gawin.

    Nagpaturo din ako sa kanya paano gagawin, meron kang i-copy na mga URL then i-paste sa blogsite control panel mo.

    Dahil nga sa masalimuot, nakalimutan ko na. I will refer you to the master, find Junjun. He is a good guy and a professional soldier. :-)