Thursday, August 23, 2012

Photos of the Search and Retrieval operations in Masbate

Task Force Kalihim chief Major General Eduardo Del Rosario hears the mission briefing attended by scuba divers from various agencies including volunteers from civilian dive sites.

Army combat divers from the elite Special Forces and Rescue Teams from the 9th Infantry Division prepare their gears before going into action. 

Military divers wrapped up their preparations before proceeding to the crash site in order to retrieve the two pilots who are still inside the ill-fated plane.

Combat divers wade through the water towards the waiting motorized boats which will take them towards the crash site about 800 meters away from the shoreline in Ibingin village, Masbate City. 

The body of Capt Jessup Bahinting was brought to the surface and was taken by NAVSOG personnel. 

Joint elements of the Task Force Kalihim await to carry the body of pilot Capt Jessup Bahinting which was retrieved at around 5:00 pm, August 22. 

These photos were taken yesterday by the Special Forces divers led by Cpt Jerry Jaucian, who were tasked to help in the ongoing search and retrieval operations.
The one raised from the water is the cadaver of Capt Jessup Bahinting which was plucked out of the water at around 5pm yesterday, Aug 22.

The Army divers started working with NAVSOG divers to retrieve to body of Capt Jessup Bahinting at around 3:30pm yesterday.
The Special Forces divers are part of Task Force Kalihim led by Major General Eduardo del Rosario which is tasked in the Search and Retrieval operations. Along with the NAVSOG and PCG and PNP divers, they were working with the civilian tech divers who volunteered in the search operations.
Army Chief Lt General Emmanuel Bautista has earlier directed the Special Forces to help in the SAR when DILG Sec Jesse Robredo and 2 others went missing after the fatal plane crash off Masbate Airport on August 17, 2012.

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