Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Letter to my soldiers' family

When I was the Commander of the 10th Scout Ranger Company, my unit was always hugging the headlines due to the series of clashes against the Abu Sayyaf.

There were news reports which were exaggerated and the impression of the viewing public in other parts of the country was that we were slugging it out with the bandits everyday.

I didn't want the relatives of my soldiers to worry. 

I wrote a letter to the parents and wives. 

The content was like this. (I hope someone from my soldier's family has kept a copy of my signed letter)

Headquarters, 10th Scout Ranger Company
First Scout Ranger Regiment, Special Operations Command, PA
Cabunbata, Isabela City, Basilan

01 July 2001

Dear Tatay and Nanay:

Warm greetings from the beautiful island paradise of Basilan!

I am sending this letter to let you know that we have left the province of Sulu to help in the rescue operations for the Dos Palmas hostages which were brought here.

We are all okay here. Don't worry about the news, we are doing just fine. I am sorry that I could not divulge the details of our operations. Let me assure you that we will always pray before we leave for patrols. 

We are in high spirits here. We don't have any combat losses. Those  reported as wounded in the previous firefights are now back in the unit after recuperating from their wounds. 

Your son is doing good. He is up for promotion for his heroic actions during a firefight with the terrorists. I will inform you immediately once the promotion orders are released. Be proud of him. 

Starting next week, I will start releasing members of this unit for their R&R. My S1 will inform you if your son's travel itinerary is already confirmed. 

More often, we don't have any phone signals in the jungle. You can leave your messages through our company cellphone number 09183555517. 

Thank you very much for your own sacrifices in allowing your loved one to serve the country.  Please extend my warmest regards to everyone in the family.

Truly yours,

Cpt Harold M Cabunoc
Company Commander


After I wrote this letter, some of the parents and wives wrote back and expressed their happiness, knowing that their loved ones are in good hands. Our unit cellphones were flooded with messages of love, problems and all other concerns which were jotted down by our admin personnel.


  1. galing na man...i hope all company commanders are as thoughtful as you are. simple gestures as this means so much to the soldier's family as it lessens the anxiety they feel for their love one at war. mabuhay ang philippine army, mabuhay ang sundalong pilipino!

  2. It doesn't cost much to send a simple letter like this.

    Army leaders are taught to take good care of their soldiers and their family members as well.

    Now that we have FB, Webcam, email on top of the unlicall/unlitext, there is no reason that soldiers could not connect to their loved ones.

  3. Saludo ako sayo! That's how a leader should be.Long live sir!

  4. Thaks Lyra!

    I just did what Leaders are supposed to do. :-)