Friday, August 24, 2012

DILG Secretary Robredo given full military honors upon arrival in Manila

Dressed in their gala uniform, the soldiers who composed the 120-man strong Battalion Honors stood at attention as the Fokker plane carrying the remains of DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo arrived in Villamor Air Base at around 10:00am on Friday (Aug 24).

The flag-draped casket was carried by 4 pairs of pall bearers from the Army's Security and Escort Battalion, as AFP Chief of Staff Gen. Jessie Dellosa escorted the Robredo family. The band played "Nearer, My God, to Thee". I can see tears shed among those who attended, including the soldiers.

Please play the video to hear the song that was played by the band for an outstanding public servant like Secretary Jesse Robredo.

The casket was laid down about 10-meters in front of the formation area for the arrival honors. During this time, 4 ruffles and flourishes can be heard. The 'ruffles' are played by the drummers while the 'flourishes' are sounded by the buglers. The soldiers rendered salute while the civilians stood at attention as required in  military honors like this.

The honor guard battalion was composed of soldiers from the 3 service branches of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, and, also the General Headquarters.

When the ceremony was over, the casket was again carried by the pall bearers towards the hearse which was awaiting nearby. The honor guards stayed in the formation area until the time that the limousine was able to disappear amidst the crowd of supporters who were waiting eagerly outside.


  1. salamat sir sa pag-identify nung kanta, matagal na akong curious dun pero wala ako nakikitang sagot.hehe. Sec. Robredo's death is a huge loss of the country for he is not a politician but a Public Servant. He deserves the respect and accolades given to him. He was hard-working. He does not have the air of self-entitlement as many politicians have. He did not allow himself to be used. He was disciplined. He was patient. He persevered. He was thrifty in a good way. He lived simply. He was an ordinary man dedicated to his job. He symbolized progress and hope. He will be remembered. I often imagined moments in the future where i'll be honored and humbled to shake his hands as a fellow Bikolano. Now, all that's left is for us to follow his example and show that there is indeed hope.

  2. Idol ko rin yon na gustong tularan ang kanyang leadership qualities at managerial acumen.

    Ang pinakamaganda sa kanya, 'tapak' sya sa lupa kaya seryoso syang maghanap ng solusyon sa mga problemang nakikita.

    All leaders in the military must follow his shining example in public service.

    Military officers must treat themselves as Public Servants too.

    Our efforts must always geared towards helping the local government and other stakeholders solve our many problems.