Sunday, May 13, 2012

Yakimix's 'Eat all you can" (Japanese Restaurant)

After hearing about the good food in Yakimix Restaurant, I scheduled a visit with my whole family. One weekend, we visited its branch located at the 5th Floor of  The Podium, ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City.

There was a long queue of people waiting outside when we came. We were greeted by a very hospitable staff who guided us the waiting line where we relaxed while seated, as we waited for the availability of a dining table. We didn't agree to share with some guys so we waited for about 30minutes before taking our slot.

When we entered the place, we are greeted by this table filled with various food selection including marinated beef, fresh seafood and different types of sushi.

This is my most preferred section where you can find salmon sushi and a variety of maki. I just took a few of the maki because I wanted to taste the other mouth-watering food that they offered.

Here, you can consume food as you like at a price of P600.00. My first pick is the all-time favorite salmon sushi which is quite expensive in other Japanese restaurants.  Every table has a smokeless grill where you can cook your food (yes, we pay them to let us cook our food). They are asking additional fee for the drinks (bottomless).

Sometimes, the place becomes too noisy due to the usual requests for birthday songs rendered by some food servers/singers. It is also normal to hear boisterous laughters from other food trippers around you. Unmindful of all the noises, I just concentrated on my very purpose----devour food as I can to compensate the amount that I paid. After about 2-hours of 'retakes', I was sure that my mission was accomplished!

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