Tuesday, May 15, 2012

President Ramon Magsaysay's Ancestral House

If you are visiting the province of Zambales, the ancestral house of former President Ramon "Monching" Magsaysay is worth your visit. It is located along the national highway in Castillejos town. 

Let me tour you around the place and appreciate the life of President Magsaysay, one of the finest leaders our country ever had.

This place is administered by the National Historical Institute after it was converted into a museum in 1990. It is open from Tuesday-Sunday every week.

This is the main entrance to the house where the 'Champion of the Masses' spent his younger days until he became the 7th President of the Republic. The house was damaged by the 1991 eruption of Mt Pinatubo but it was restored to its former glory as what we can see today.

As you enter the house, you will be greeted by Monching's photo on horse back, as if watching over you from a distance.

 Here are some of his memorabilia when he served as President of the republic

These are the war medals that he earned when he served as a military officer of the guerilla forces who fought the Japanese during the 2nd world war.

This is my photo while clicking snapshots of the great memorabilia displayed inside the house.

Some of the personal belongings that he used during his Presidency

This is the wooden stairs leading towards the second floor of his house 

 This is the place where old Monching takes his time to relax

This is the view from the veranda where you can see the national highway. Right across the ancestral house is a church of the Iglesia Filipina Indepediente.

This is the garage where you can find his 1942 Willy's Jeep and 1955 Cadillac, both of which are in good running condition. He used the Willy's Jeep when he was Defense Secretary and the Cadillac was his Presidential car (1953-1957). 

 This is the view of the house from behind. The glass-walled garage is in the right side of the photo.

Outside the photo is a bust of the late President, standing guard of the place which was his home until the time of his death.

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