Tuesday, May 08, 2012

3 NPA Rebels Die in Sorsogon Clash

SKY PATROL. A military Huey chopper from TOG 5 of the Philippine Air Force patrols the boundary of the provinces of Sorsogon and Albay in support to the ground operations carried out by the Army forces in the area.

JUBAN, Sorsogon – Three NPA bandits were killed in a clash with Army soldiers in a hinterland village of Donsol town here early morning today.

Lieutenant Colonel Teody T. Toribio, the Commanding Officer of the 31st Infantry Battalion, said that he sent a platoon of his soldiers to respond to a villager’s report about the NPA’s extortion activities in Pinaminaan village.

He said the firefight erupted at around 5:40am as the soldiers tried to locate the rebels.

“The rebels, numbering around 15,  fired at my soldiers as they approached the encampment, triggering the heavy exchange of fires which lasted about thirty minutes,” he said.

“The soldiers outmaneuvered the rebels, forcing them to run for their lives, leaving behind three dead comrades,” Toribio further added.

The soldiers overran the camp which is strategically located in the boundary of Albay province. They also seized an M16 rifle and a 9mm pistol as well as subversive documents from the bandits.

Col. Felix J. Castro Jr., the Commander of the 903rdBrigade has directed Toribio to coordinate with the local officials for the decent burial of the unidentified rebels.

“We are not rejoicing over the deaths of these misguided people. We enjoin the public to help in convincing the rebels to lay down their arms and cooperate with the government,” he said.

More soldiers were sent to track down the remnants of the bandit group following the blood traces.

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