Sunday, April 29, 2012

2 NPA Rebels Lay Dead in Quezon Clash

LOPEZ, Quezon- Two NPA rebels were killed in a shootout with Army troops here at 7:50am today.

A 9-man squad of soldiers belonging to the 85th Infantry Battalion was conducting security patrol in Sitio Delmark, Sta Catalina village when they encountered unspecified number of communist rebels.

The running gunbattled that ensued lasted about 30 mins, after which the rebels scampered away to different directions with their wounded comrades.

Two dead rebels were found by the soldiers along with two M16 assault rifles and subversive documents.

No one was hurt among the soldiers who figured in the clash. Pursuit operations have been launched against the remnants of the armed rebels.

The dead bandits were brought to the village officials for identification purposes.

The Army has continuously received complaints from the local residents about the extortion activities of the notorious NPA bandits in the area.

Soldiers are deployed both for security operations and the peace and development missions of the Army in the far-flung villages here.

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