Monday, March 12, 2012

Overview Park, Quezon, Bukidnon

I am a native of Bukidnon and a long time resident of the municipality of Dangcagan. As a child, I remembered the times that I and my friends discussed about the 'Overview' while looking at its building which was visible from our village in Miaray. Everytime that I visit my parents in my hometown, I always made it a habit to stop by this place to see my village located at least 30kms south from the view deck here. In one of my trips with my family, I let them appreciate the beautiful landscape of Bukidnon.  

My son liked the view of his grandpa's place that can be seen in the horizon.

Bukidnon is such a nice place to stay. I took this photo of the blue landscape dotted by greens in the vast plains where large tracts of land are tilled by farmers.

Overview Park can be found in the upland village of Palacapao, in Quezon town, Bukidnon. This is located beside the Buda-Davao highway, just above the village of Puntian. If you travel from Davao City, it will take you around 2hrs by bus; it is around 3.5hrs from Cagayan de Oro City. 

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  1. wow sir! taga bukidnon ka pala! by the way, i'm from bukidnon too, sa don carlos...

    nice write ups sir! keep it up! :)