Monday, March 05, 2012

Military Simulation Community

There is a group of people in our country which is passionate about the military. Called the Mil-Sim community, the members of this group love military history and actively participate in events that support the Armed Forces of the Philippines. Dressed in various military garbs, they bring back memories of the soldiers who fought wars since the time of Lapu-Lapu up to the present.

I consulted Wikipedia and it's article describes MilSim this way:

"MilSim is an abbreviation of Military Simulation, and refers to military simulations conducted by civilians for entertainment purposes. There are several forms of MilSim: airsoft games, paintball games, and video games simulating military scenarios and tactics.

Weapons used in MilSim are commonly airsoft or paintball guns. Airsoft guns are used more often in MilSim than paintball guns due to their availability as replica weapons without any modification. Paintball guns commonly require modification to be considered a replica. The basic components of paintball guns, such as the hopper or gas tank, often inhibit the ability to convert them to replica weapons . These components can be hidden or modified such that they do not interfere with the appearance of the gun.

However, in real-world military and law enforcement training environments, airsoft equipment is favored almost exclusively over paintball counterparts. Primary factors for the use of airsoft equipment includes the realistic audible report, the ease of use and reliability of airsoft guns and realistic magazine sizes and more realistic gun models. Modern airsoft guns, especially those designed with milsim in mind, can support the full range of tactical upgrades using standard weaver sight rails and RIS rails, which accommodate everything from foregrips to tactical flashlights.

MilSim most often falls into two different categories: reenactment and simulation. Reenactments focus on a particular event in history and aim to provide the most accurate representation of the time period, events and outcomes of the historical event. Simulation however may only focus on a particular time period and representation of which course a particular situation may have taken in history. In most cases a simulation event includes fictitious characters, groups and political situations".

Moro warriors who defended their villages against the invading Spaniards were armed with various bladed weapons like the Kampilan as shown.

Igorot warrior in his modified military uniform during the 2nd World War. 

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  1. Paintball is definintely one of the most popular forms of Mil-Sim out there, best represented by war-themed mission scenarios and battle zones. Delta Force Paintball have some great ones, if you ever have the chance to play at their centres, do so.