Friday, February 17, 2012

Why Do I Need to Love Running?

I don't love running probably because I am not born to run. I have muscular thighs that could weigh 30lbs. My fastest time in the military's 2-mile run is 14'30" (14mins, 30secs) when I was a lean, 17 year-old PMA cadet.When I started lifting weights, I started to slow down in my physical fitness test (PFT) runs. Later, when I became a powerlifting athlete, I always found myself at the end of the pack during our platoon runs and PFT runs.

I  dislike running; but, I need to run. Here are my reasons:

1. I am a Scout Ranger and a warrior. I don't want to be the 'weakest link' in the company or battalion during military operations. Physically weak leaders could not lead effectively. They order troops to rest because they are in the brink of a heart attack during long-walks under the scorching heat of the sun. Critical missions could fail because of these fat, weak leaders.

2. I dislike pot-bellied soldiers. I don't want to be one. In 2007, I noticed that I look like a pregnant woman carrying a 2-month old fetus. I panicked. I wanted to 'abort' all the flabs! I lessened my carbo and sugar intake. I tried my best to love running.

3. I walk the talk. Physical training (PT) activities are routine in the military. I don't want to order my soldiers to run without letting them see that I can do the same. I run with my soldiers.

4. I am a shooter. Shooting as a game, is a physically-demanding sport. Military shooting matches are much more difficult than the civilian course of fire (COF). We don't only sprint but also run as far as 1 mile with our military gear. Running develops my speed and stamina; and, it increases my ability to hold my breath to stabilize my gun while shooting.
IPSC Matches require short-distance running.
Military matches require lots of running too! Blurred vision and big 'wobble area' are the problems encountered by weak shooters.
5. 'Barkadahan' effect. When I see lots of friends joining a certain 'fun run', I normally join them. I love the company and the experience of seeing funny situations e.g. I was gasping for breath in the middle of a 10k run when I was surprised by a 12yr-old boy who made running look so easy. He ran ahead of me, I failed to catch up with him!

My barkadas from the 9th Infantry Division prepare to run during our own version of the Triathlon.

6. Supporting a cause. There are several 'fun runs' that generate funds for a certain cause. When I believe in their 'cause', I usually join these runs.

7. Bonding time. I run to bond with my wife and son. When swimming and shooting becomes boring, running is an excellent way to lose weight and spend bonding time with the family.

My son was so proud when he finished his 3k-run. He almost escaped towards a canteen in the middle of the run. (Photo by Pfc Marlon San Esteban)
Running during weekends is my family bonding time. That is how I compensate for my being an absentee father.

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  1. salamat sa insipiration sir para tumakbo ulit, baka po meron pa kayo maiipapayo pa na mga iba pang ideal na physical exercises na pwede isabay.hehe.pwede rin siya sir subject ng bagong aticle.