Sunday, February 05, 2012

SOCOM Uniforms

The Special Operations Command of the Philippine Army has its own digital-camou pattern outfit that is used during formal occasions named the SOCOM Distinctive Uniform (SDU). Shown in the photo is the Commanding General of the Philippine Army wearing the SDU as he was given arrival honors during one of his visits.(Photo by Pfc Cesar Lopez)

The Special Forces Regiment soldiers have their own uniform too. It is called the Special Forces Distinctive Uniform (SFDU).

The Scout Rangers stand ramrod straight in their Scout Ranger Distinctive Uniform (SRDU).

The Light Reaction Battalion troopers have their own outfit called the Light Reaction Battalion Distinctive Uniform (LRBDU).

When I visited SOCOM headquarters last January, I had the chance to wear the SDU. Wearing the uniform, I was reminded of my younger days as a brave warrior serving that unit for nine years (1995-2004). (Photo by Sgt Cesar Cuenca)

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  1. bakit hindi po ito yung ginagamit ng army kapag nasa combat operations sila? at yung SDU ba ho ay pwedeng suotin ng scout ranger kasi sa link na ito hndi naman SRDU yung sinusuot nila