Friday, January 20, 2012

Sniper Boloy

During the pursuit operations launched by the military units against the Abu Sayyaf kidnappers in Sirawai jungles in 2002, many units were sent to locate the bandits who held two Americans as hostages.

There were Marines, regular Infantry Battalions and also the 1st Scout Ranger Battalion, my former unit.

To synchronize the actions of the various units involved  in this massive combat-rescue mission, a tactical command post (TCP) was established to monitor the troop movements. Hi-tech radios with external antennae were set up in the monitoring center to track the locations of the soldiers in real-time.

At least two generals and some senior staff officers were closely monitoring the conversations of the soldiers deep in the forests of Sipaket-Panabutan complex.

One early morning, a radio transmission was heard. It came from a sniper team who belonged to the Scout Ranger Battalion. 

The team observed some suspected enemies. 

"I can see at least 10 armed men cooking their food near a creek", said the voice from the sniper team's hand-held radio.

Thinking that the snipers spotted Abu Sabaya's men, a Colonel from the TCP (monitoring center) grabbed the radio in excitement.

"Mister you, please describe what they are doing", the Colonel asked.

"Sir, three of them are wearing slippers. Two of them are taking a bath. I can see at least 5 rifles unattended," came the reply.

"Okay, when you are sure they are bandits shoot them dead when necessary" said the Colonel.

As the snipers scrutinized the 'targets' through their spotting scopes, they noticed that some of the armed men wore uniforms with Army patches. They wanted to be sure before 'sending' their bullets.

Turning their radio  to the common frequency used by all units, they made a daring 'public announcement':

"Gentlemen, this is Sniper Boloy. I am the one occupying Hill 75. I can see 10 lousy-looking armed men relaxing near the creek directly north of my position. Three of them are taking a bath in the creek while another two are sleeping. Anyone of our 'friendlies' around in this area?", he said.

There was an eerie silence. No one among the units replied. But, Sgt Boloy saw that the the armed men suddenly rose their feet and started dressing up.

"In 3 minutes, if no one will acknowledge me , I will start shooting you all with my M24 sniper rifle. I rarely miss my target", Sgt Boloy stressed.

Moments later, an angry voice crackled over the radio: "Sanamagan, this is Captain Botyok, the Company Commander of Alpha company! I am aware that you recognize us but you keep announcing our SOP violations. DO NOT..... I REPEAT, DO NOT SHOOT! You shut up!!"


  1. Nagrerelax tropa ni Captain Botyok eh. Ang pasaway na si Sgt Boloy naman ay kailangan pang i-radio broadcast ang kapalpakan ng kapitbahay na unit! ha ha

  2. this is real funny!! but also a bit disappointing..what if sniper Boloy is an enemy?...lousiness has no place in the military...lalo na sa ganyan din namatay uncle ko eh... ayun, nababad ang katawan sa ilog...

    Anyway, that's a lesson to be learned..aside from the embarrassment, mabroadcast ba naman kalokohan nyo.. hahaha! peace po! :)

  3. HUMOR IN UNIFORM. . . AYOS! Mga kwentong katatawanan ngunit mga napaka delikadong katotohanan. Yan ang buhay sundalo, idaan mo nlng sa matinding tawa para di ka ma praning sa sobrang lungkot at ma war shock sa matinding bakbakan sa field. . . he, he

  4. In the Rangers, you will be scolded by the Sergeant if you 'misbehave' by violating the rules on tactical movement and the procedures in patrol base operations.

    Tama yon, ang mga sundalong laging nasa bingit ng kamatayan ang siyang magagaling magpasaya sa kanilang sarili.

    Ika nga, sa ligaya at hirap, dapat ay sama-sama.

    I am proud to have experienced the life of a true infantry soldier! :-)