Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Scout Ranger Distinctive Uniform (SRDU)

The Scout Rangers have popularized the so-called 'black suit' which is the color of the Black Panther. In the 1990s, every unit which claims to have elite forces had started using the black suit, copying the Scout Rangers. When some policemen and even security guards started using that uniform, the 'Musangs' decided to discard their black suit in favor of the newly designed Scout Ranger Distinctive Uniform (SRDU). Only the organic members of the Scout Rangers can acquire the new uniform which is normally worn during formal occasions and parades.

Wearing the SRDU, Army chief Lt General Emmanuel Bautista pose for a souvenir photo with the officers and men of the First Scout Ranger Regiment led by Col Abraham Bagasin during the 62nd Founding Anniversary of the unit on 25 November 2011.

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