Monday, January 16, 2012

6 NPA Rebels Die in Compostela Valley Clash

Six NPA rebels were killed in an encounter with government troops in Mawab, Compostela Valley Province at 3:00pm today (Jan 16), a military official said.

Colonel Roberto Domines, the Commander of the 1001st Brigade of the Philippine Army said that a team  of the 66th Infantry Battalion  was conducting security operations in Bgy Malinawon of the said town when  more or less 20-30 rebels on board a civilian dumptruck suddenly came with their guns blazing.

"Our soldiers put up a good fight by manning their defensive positions and engaged the overwhelming enemy force. Using their marksmanship skills, they downed their targets who wanted to overrun the small detachment," said Domines.

The soldiers defended the detachment against the rebels in the intense firefight that ensued, pushing back those who tried to detonate bombs near the perimeter fences.

 Minutes later, troops led by 66IB commander Lt. Col Antonino Florendo backed by armored vehicles came to reinforce the outnumbered defenders of the detachment.

Incurring heavy casualties in the exchange of fires, the communist rebels withdrew in disarray after about an hour of firefight.

They left behind 6 dead comrades with 5 highpowered firearms including 2 M16 Armalite Rifles, 2 M14 Rifles and an M19 Cal. 30 machinegun which was mounted on top the dump truck.

No one among the soldiers was hurt in the attack. The soldiers are now tracking  down the attackers following the bloodstains along their route of withdrawal.

Major General Jorge Segovia, the Commander of the 10th Infantry Division, directed another group of soldiers belonging to the 72nd Infantry Battalion led by Lt Col Lyndon Paniza to join the pursuit operations against the attackers.

The dead rebels were brought to the local officials in Mawab town for proper identification and for possible turn over to their respective family members. 

Regional military spokesperson Colonel Leopoldo Galon thanked the civilian tipsters who warned the soldiers of an impending attack. He said that the soldiers knew of the NPA's plan to burn down the facilities of a local banana plantation in the area.

"I thank our civilian friends who have continuously provided us with reliable information about the enemy's plans. This is the spirit of Bayanihan that we are looking for among the people in the communities in our area of responsibility," said Galon.

Galon also commended the heroism displayed by the soldiers who defended the detachment.

"The soldiers have learned to counter the tactics used by the communist rebels who employ trucks in their raids. I am sure that these acts of heroism will be rewarded by higher headquarters," said Galon.

Army Spokesperson Major Harold Cabunoc said that the soldiers are saddened by the deaths of the NPA rebels.

misguided people must realize that the solution to their problems could not be attained through violent means. We call on the rest of the rebels to abandon their armed struggle and become our partners in peace and development," said Cabunoc.

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