Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A tribute for our modern heroes

Everytime their services are needed, the soldiers are always there. When Sendong victimized the hapless communities in low-lying areas of Cagayan de Oro City and Iligan City, at least 1,200 people perished in the floods. Tens of thousands lost their homes and source of livelihood. The soldiers were the first responders during the floods. They have used their skills and equipment  to help in the search, rescue and retrieval operations. Up to now, soldiers are there to help in the massive relief efforts and assisting the local government in its project to rebuild peoples lives. Through the Army Engineers who are working under the National Development Support Command (NADESCOM), soldiers are helping install water purifiers, latrines, temporary shelters and assist in planning for the construction of relocation sites. (AVP by CMOG, PA)

Elsewhere, soldiers helped by gathering used clothings, relief items and essential materials for temporary shelters The Army soldiers also donated P90.00 pesos out of their meal allowance for the flood victims. The total amount collected is about P7.0 Million pesos. From Manila alone, at least 500tons of relief goods were sent to the disaster affected areas. 

Barya-barya para sa mga nasalanta ng sakuna. Eastern Mindanao Command Chief Lt General Arthur Tabaquero receives a bag of cash containing paper bills and coins voluntarily donated by various individuals from Davao City. (Photo by 10th CMO Battalion)

These soldiers are not escorting war materials but relief goods bound for Cagayan de Oro City. (Photo by 10th CMO Battalion)

A total of 22 military trucks were filled with relief goods through the efforts of the 10th Infantry Division and the Eastern Mindanao Command and their parners from various stakeholders in Davao City. (Photo by 10th CMO Battalion)

In the Army Headquarters in Fort Bonifacio, the Civil Military Operations Group led by Col Jun Santos have collected at least 500 tons of relief goods from various sources. (Photo by Sgt Cesar Cuenca)

 In this file photo, the dragon boat paddlers (Army Team and Dragon Warriors) went to Masantol town in Pampanga to help in the disaster response operations of the Army in the area in October 2011. The world-champion Dragon Warriors joined the relief effort by collecting old clothing and even jerseys that they wore in competitions. Through their facebook accounts they were able to get a truckload of relief items from the Dragon Boat community and sponsors like Columbia Sportswear. (Photo by Sgt Robert Sigue)

 Everyday, soldiers are busy preparing the cargoes intended to the thousands of victims in Northern Mindanao region. (Photo by Sgt Cesar Cuenca)

 Our brothers from the Philippine Navy gladly received the items to be transported to the final destination in the disaster affected areas. (Photo by Sgt Cesar Cuenca)

This is our humble way to alleviate the suffering of our people. 

The soldiers are our  modern heroes

Mabuhay ang AFP!


  1. magdonate din daw NPA sa mga biktima ni Sendong

  2. Welcome naman yong tulong from the NPA pero hindi ata tama yong pipilitin daw nila ang logging firms at mining companies na magbigay ng donasyon at idaan sa CPP-NPA-NDF, ayon sa binitawang statement ni Ka Oris. Mas maganda nang iwanan nila ang kanilang mga armas at tumulong sa paghahakot ng relief goods don sa pier at nang hindi ma over exhaust ang mga sundalo.

    Happy new year!

  3. baka naman pagnag-donate sila ay taasan nila ang "tax/extortion quota" nila sa mga tao next year. kawawa na naman mga tao nyan. wag na lang siguro sila mag-donate

  4. Ang nakikita ko lang sa deklarasyon ni Ka Oris ay sapilitan nilang kuhanan ng donasyon ang mga lehitimong negosyante. Bawal sa batas yong pananakot at walang puwang yon sa isang sibilisadong pamayanan. Labag din yon sa karapatang pantao at sila nga itong laging nagrereklamo ng human rights violations kaya dapat ipakita na rin nila na sila mismo ay mga human rights advocates kagaya ng mga sundalo ngayon. Pati rules of engagement cards ay suot na namin kasama sa ID kaya walang rason na di ito masaulo at mapasunod sa lahat na nasa field.