Saturday, December 03, 2011

Rambo Wannabe

During an intense firefight with the MILF rebels in Mataya, Buldon Maguindanao sometime in 1997, the Scout Rangers were in the forefront of the fighting.

Violating the basic SOP on fire discipline, a newbie soldier delivered voluminous automatic fires at the exposed rebels about 200m away. He ignored his commander who cried, "No automatic fires!".

After a few minutes, the barrel of his M16A1 rifle was already turning red.

Unlike his buddies who aimed their shots and delivered selective fires, this Rambo wannabe  consumed ammos 10 times faster.

Then he heard his company commander's order, "Assault!".

They were advancing with their guns blazing. Enemy bullets continue to plow the ground. Some RPGs blasted near them.

Then, Rambo fan realized his problem. His bolt was in the open position, indicating that his magazine was already empty. He had spent all his basic load that he carried in his bandolier.

Seeing his commander a few meters from him, he dashed to his position.

He pleaded for ammos. "Sir, can you spare me some ammunitions?"

He saw the tiger looks of his boss. His face was like a growling, hungry lion.

"Stupid, you go ahead, assault! What do you think of me, your Supply NCO (non-commissioned officer)?"


  1. Ha ha ha. Narinig ko na to Harold. Marami mga Rambo wannabes na hindi nag iisip. hehe. Nice literary piece!

  2. Sir I remembered one time in an encounter in bumbaran Lanao del Sur, the same thing happened sabi ng officer knock your head with your rifle hahahaha