Friday, December 30, 2011

Newly installed Army Chief Earns Third Star

The AFP Chief of Staff, Lt Gen Jessie Dellosa (left), dons the rank of newly promoted Army Chief Lt Gen Emmanuel Bautista during a simple ceremony held at the AFP's headquarters in Camp Aguinaldo yesterday, Dec 29. (Photo by Pfc Cesar Lopez)

FORT BONIFACIO, Taguig City- After a month of his incumbency as the Commanding General of the Philippine Army, Major General Emmanuel Bautista received his third star in a simple donning of ranks held at Camp Aguinaldo yesterday, Dec 29.
Attended by senior officers in the AFP Headquarters, Lieutenant General Jessie Dellosa, the Armed Forces of the Philippines Chief, attached the new shoulder board on Bautista's general office attire (GOA) at around 10 am.
The simple ceremony was held in the main conference room of said headquarters.
With his latest promotion, Bautista, 53, earns the distinction as the youngest three-star general in the AFP. He is a member of the Philippine Military Class of 1981.
Majority of the officers who hold the rank of Lieutenant General belong to PMA Classes 1978 and 1979. 
Most of them are occupying leadership positions in the Area Commands of the AFP around the country.
Upon his return at the Army Headquarters, Bautista was accorded arrival honors attended by hundreds of Army soldiers.
Bautista’s promotion was based on the provisions of the Republic Act Nr 291. His promotion was effective on December 15, 2011 using as reference the letter from the Office of the President dated December 22, 2011.
A native of Gapan in Nueva Ecija, Bautista was designated as the Commander of the entire Philippine Army on November 9, 2011.
Lately, Major General Bautista has directed all Army soldiers to wear the Rules of Engagement card (ROE card) that bears the provisions reminding them on how to conduct themselves when confronting the enemies of the state.   
Bautista pushed for the strict observance of the military's Rules of Engagement and to avoid collateral damage in every operations of the Philippine Army. 
The implementation of the ROE cards also aims to address his accountability for his men to win the respect of the public and to build strong partnership with the people in the community to end the insurgency.
The ROE card also reminds the soldiers of the sworn duty to protect people's rights, including those whom they are fighting in the field.
A well deserved promotion for a hero-leader
General Bautista is  a highly respected military officer. An epitome of a  professional soldier  all throughout his military career, he is known to be a team player, a warrior-leader.

He has long been lauded for his exemplary service both in the field of combat and in staff positions that he has held.
Prior to his current post, Bautista was the commander of the 3rd Infantry Division which has jurisdiction over Western Visayas, Negros and Siquijor.
He also served as Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations, J3, Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and spearheaded the formulation of the new Internal Peace and Security Plan, “Bayanihan," dubbed as the AFP's "blueprint for peace
A well-decorated soldier, Bautista was a recipient of various awards and was seven times decorated in combat. 
His awards in the military include five Distinguished Service Stars, a Gold Cross Medal for gallantry in action, Bronze Cross Medal for bravery, and three Outstanding Achievement Medals, 29 Military Merit Medals five of which were earned in combat, Military Commendation Medals and various campaign medals and ribbons.
Gen Emmanuel Bautista (right), salutes the colors during the arrival honors accorded to him by the Army headquarters in Fort Bonifacio at 12:00nn yesterday. Major General Ricardo David (left) led the arrival honors which was attended by hundreds of soldiers and civilian personnel. (Photo by Pfc Cesar Lopez)

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