Friday, December 23, 2011

Dragon Boat Team paddlers

The Pinoy Dragon Warriors and the Army Dragon Boat team joined forces to help in the disaster response operations of the Armed Forces of the Philippines in Masantol town, Pampanga in October 2011.

Short briefing for the impending mission

Bayanihan starts here
Aspiring Dragon Boat paddlers

We visited the heavily-flooded areas of Masantol town

We prepped the boat before braving the floodwaters

Listening to the sentiments of the affected residents of Sagrada village

Residents are forced to drink water from submerged artesian wells

I helped the PAF pilot navigate and land in a narrow helipad

My soldier-athletes are thrown to action

Crowd control during the relief distribution

Stockpiling of foodstuffs

Back to our temporary docksite in Bebe Anac village

Mission accomplished!

A souvenir photo with the soldiers of the 702nd Brigade


  1. da best talaga kau dragon boat team maaasahan tuwing merong nangangailangan......:):):)

  2. Thank you for appreciating your soldier-athletes Louel.

    Merry christmas! :-)