Sunday, December 04, 2011

The Dragon Boat Story: Heroes and Villains of Philippine Sports

I saw a very promising team composed of soldier-athletes and their civilian friends. They asked for my help. I listened and understood their woes. I believed in their cause. I knew that some people have belittled them, including some of their fellow athletes in the dragon boat community. As a leader, I could not allow that my soldiers are being oppressed by dictators and tyrants. As a former shooting coach, I had fought for the rights of my players. I saw the similarity. For that reason, I joined the team and helped them hurdle the big obstacles that came their way. We emerged as victors not only in the World Championships, but also back home where we won the hearts and minds of the people. The rest is history.

PRESIDENTIAL HONOR. We could not contain our happiness when our very own Commander-in-Chief recognized the excellent performance and the heroism of our Dragon Boat athletes who brought 5 Gold Medals and 2 Silver Medals from the 10th IDBF World Championships. (Photo by Sgt Cesar Cuenca)

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