Wednesday, December 07, 2011

The accidental theater comedian

During the show at the AFP theater last night (December 7), it was dark in the location of the audience.

I can see some female models walking down the stairway towards the stage. Using my peripheral vision, I could not recognize their faces. 

Everyone's attention was at the performers on stage.

All of the sudden, the lights were on. A beautiful lady in a wedding gown was walking elegantly, one stair at a time. She was a beautiful lass with a voluptuous figure.

Then, everyone was wondering why a bald, old fellow was trailing behind her. He was unsure of what he was doing. He seemed like humiliated by his own 'theatrics'.

Someone about two rows in front of him asked,"Hey, man what are you doing there?"

"I just came from the toilet when the lights were turned on and I found myself in front of this white lady!", said the man. 

He immediately camouflaged himself upon taking his seat. His actions draw laughter from the people around him. 

He could not declare that he was in fact,  a senior AFP officer. 

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