Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Musang Combat Prayer

3Qtr, 1995

                                       My SR buddies in Southern Mindanao.

I was among the Scout Ranger Course 121-95 students who were sent to SSS Complex (Sirawai, Siocon, Sibuco) to hunt down the group of Kumander Aguila who participated in the raid and looting of Ipil in Zamboanga del Sur.

Every student was excited to see action against the criminals who killed hapless civilians in that infamous Ipil raid which claimed the lives of innocent civilians.

After our Operations Order briefing held inside the DACON (David Consunji) sawmill in Siraway town, our ground commander (a religious officer) suddenly appointed me as a prayer leader. I was surprised and caught unprepared. I am not really a religious person.

The general principle in the military is "obey first before you complain". I obeyed and never complained.

My musang prayer

So, in front of at least 4 platoons of warriors, I said my instant prayer:

"God, you are the most powerful One."

"Please protect us all the time. Give us the agility to jump for cover fastly amidst the hail of enemy fire".

"Don't let the enemy ambush us. Don't let them hear us."

"Give us sharp visions so that we can see them first"

"I hope you will allow us to engage the enemy in a fight and we emerge as victors!"


(There was boisterous laughter among the Rangers after my prayers)

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